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Chapter One

Is That A Dog?

"So.... I heard that your daughter is coming to live with you for a few days." said Bill, the guy that everyone knows to be the guy that loves to travel around the world while drinking Bethy's coffee in our small town in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Yep." John said, sipping his hot coffee he had with him, "I haven't seen her since her mom came and got her out of the house like a banshee." He looked at the window at the only memory he could ever remembered of his little girl. That was the first time ever he got to see her since they were young when they had her. He didn't even know he had a kid until she came knocking at his door that night and left this strange little girl in his arms. Then hours later, came back and took her from me saying, "He's coming."

"I know you miss your daughter John, but..." he stops.

John turns his head towards his buddy until he sees him squinting his eye at something in front of him. "What are you looking at?"

He points while having his hand still on the wheel of his pick-up truck, "What. Is. That?" I looked towards the windshield and saw what appears to be a dog, but not just any dog but a huge one at that. "Is that a dog?"

"No way in hell that's a dog!" I stated, "Look how big it is!"

The big dog stared at us for a few more seconds, until he ran into the woods. Bill and John were flabbergasted and stood in Bill's truck until John pulled through, "We should get the heck out of here!"

Bill wasted no time on leaving that area, "Agree."

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I just found this site, so sorry that this is short. First time using this and it's different from Wattpad. If you guys like it, then let me know and I'll make a part two. Thanks!


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Vivien @Vivien
I love every stories about romance, vampire and wolves. I think your story would be great. This website is also new to me and I am still adjusting about their features. I hope you continue your story here. If you have stories in Wattpad, let me know I would be more than willing to read your stories and follow you as well. Thanks. :)