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Missing for the wrong reasons


Missing for the wrong reasons

This is a story about a girl about 12-13 that was homeschooled that went missing because of different opinions.

This starts off a girl that's at public school she has anxiety, she starts the 6th grade and isn't really there much. Her teachers liked the girl and thought she was very smart but she was always self-conscious about herself, before she left public school they wanted to put her into "gifted" program but she couldn't because she had already left. She started off strong with homeschool and soon it turned into her procrastinating more and more. She was told that if she didn't do it she'd go back and before she knew it the year was over. When the summer started she kinda felt she wanted to go back but also didn't she didn't know how to feel. After a month of the summer passed her mom and her step-dad told her that they were having another child. She said she was fine with the whole thing but wasn't, she was always the baby of the family and now there was another child coming into her life. She felt kinda empty and couldn't think of anything good to remember about her family before she was told the news. She wished everything would go back to normal and didn't want to be with her family anymore. The day before she wanted to leave her grandfather told her that in 4 to 5 years she was going to regret not going to public school that her friends were going to leave her behind and thats when she finally broke and ran into her room and cried because all she had left was her friends and, she left her family. She ran away and she was never seen again.

The end.

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