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One For All

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One For All

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" I.. I like you" I stare at my dripping dress waiting for you to answer.

" Why? You know, right?" you reply after a minute or so under the rainy bus stop we always meet up at.

" What do I not know?"

"I have a girlfriend"

That's when I started to avoid love. Love I guess just doesn't go to everyone. It's so unfair. Couples enjoy being together while other people suffer from heartbreaks and such impossible relationships.

It's been 5 years since I've really committed to anything. I never stayed long in jobs and transferred homes and never liked someone. It was cold after I admitted to Jad. I've always adored him and liked him because my parents were always busy and barely visited me in the hospital and he would always distract me from my problems. We were in the same hospital since we both were very prone to sickness when we were little but after he left the hospital and came back after a few months I confessed to him. Not knowing he already had someone else to make him feel special other than me.

So that's my backstory. Little did I know it's only the beginning.

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