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Our Library Shenanigans


Our Library Shenanigans

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Francine was, yet again, scolded by her teacher for sleeping in on her subject which was English. Her classmates snickered, and she was embarrassed. In her defense, it was boring, and she was tired from her part time job.

Her teacher didn't want to hear any of it. Ms. Akatsuki told her to meet her in the office after class.

After class, Ms. Akatsuki placed about three, thick books in front of Francine. "Study all of the lessons here in the library, now. Every Monday and Wednesday, starting next week, I'll quiz you in the lesson. You'll start, of course, with Lesson 1, 2, and 3. With that, you'll catch up in no time. You have this whole month to catch up. You're lucky I planned this. I started exactly in the start of the second quarter, if you hadn't noticed. Also, if you sleep in on my classes from this first day of the second quarter, then the lessons you're retaking adds up! Get it, darling? So, can you do this?"

"I---I can't---"

"You can, and will. Tell your mommy for all I care! You have been sleeping in on my subject since the first quarter! It's already the second quarter. Francine Gregoire, you're not getting away! Sleep in for all I care, but you can never escape the after class lessons. My priority is the education of my students!"

"But what if I don't understand the lesson? Who'll I ask?"

"Ah, don't fret. There's this person in the library that stays in until 7. He can help you with all your questions."

Francine imagined him to be an old man. I mean, our library is open to the public, although no one other than us really know about it, and it's only actually open until 5... She thought.

"I...I understand. But is there really no other way?" Francine asked with a pleading look. Ms. Akatsuki only smirked. "No! Your last chance was in my class earlier in the morning."

Francine sighed and picked up the thick books. "I'll get going then. See you tomorrow, Dummy-tsuki."

"Yes, yes---WAIT, DUMMY-TSUKI---"

Francine slammed the teacher's office door shut and ran to the library.

Peeking her head in, she saw no one inside the library. Like, none at all. Unexpectedly, the library was untidy, as if someone studied the creation of the universe and left right in the middle of his work.

Piles and towers of books were everywhere, and papers were scattered all over the place. Some shelves were empty, some shelves were somehow empty, while some are not. Francine went towards a shelf and found it blanketed with a thick layer of dust.

So, is this place untouched, or not?

Anyway, I should just get this over with. Akatsuki also mentioned asking me some questions. It could be anything, so..

She sat down on a somewhat empty table near the medium sized staircase (which was also filled with towers of books) and proceeded to study. The three books were all Literature/Grammar related, but specifically grouped into two. They also kind of switched books midway, so it explained the third book.

"Jeez, why can't we just speak normally like normal, ordinary human beings? Why use complicated words?" Francine mumbled.

It was only a grumble out of frustration, but, someone answered.

"Well, why not, right?"

Francine piped up her head and looked at the back. To her surprise, someone was there, with an open book in hand, holding the rim of his glasses.

"Complicated words are beautiful, don't you think?"

The someone was, in fact, undeniably hot.

One thought immediately flew right into her mind: this experience might not be as bad as I originally thought.

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