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Secret love


Secret love

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Every time I breath, I close my eyes I see him…

The only guy that has ever stayed in my mind and heart even if I try to forget about him he just pops back into my thoughts into my imagination and I can't control my brain or my heart when it comes to him. Sometimes I hate myself for not getting him out of my life before he stayed in my thoughts.

How can I love somebody that never showed an interest in me?

I haven't even got the guts to tell him that this is more than a crush, I'm not like those other girls that think that he is super cute and want to be with him just for his looks. I guess I can keep this feeling bottle up like always and bury it deep deep inside and never let it out. It has been years since I last saw him and yet I still feel like he was just here, like his hands touched mine. Yet I know I am only dreaming, he never even considered me more than just a friend but did let me on once or twice. I have felt stupid but I can't move on, not yet. I will keep looking for him and when I find him I will finally let go but before all that I have to let go of all of the time that I spend thinking and thring to change myself to appeal to him. I will let go of all I will not let him take over my life again and I will live my life to the fullest!!!

But until then I will cherish this secret love that keeps me going as long as I can...

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I do plan on doing chapter story of this but I still have many details to remember to make it perfect.


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Lamorthony @The All-House Slytherin
For some reason, this reminds me of the song Fairytale. >v<
Black @Black Diamond

I have not yet heard of it so it is not inspired off of it.