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Sweet Surrender

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Sweet Surrender

Chapter 1

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"Jade, that's enough. Porsh looks like she's dying now." 
Even with my eyes shut tight, Tessa's piercing voice is ringing through my ears. I tried to look around and everything's still spinning. Tessa's with her boyfriend, and Jade with, probably, her boytoy for the night        
"Come on, Tess! I just want to be happy! Just for tonight! Can't I at least have that? Huh?" I said while grabbing another cocktail.         
I lost count of all the drinks I've had tonight. Blaring music's filled the whole bar and people have started making their way to the dancefloor. The party's in full blast.        
I gulped and took it in one go as I was reaching for another cocktail.        
 "Why don't you break up with him, Porsh? You can't be like this every single time!" Tessa sounds irritated now.         
"I can't," I said weakly        
Tessa resigned. She knows her attempts are futile when I say I can never break up with Clyde. He's my longtime boyfriend. This is the third time, the third time in the whole 2 years we've been together! The third time he's been cheating on me.      
I have possibly ran out of tears already. My body's been numb from all the pain he's caused me. I am so tired! So tired! But, I can't stop...   
 "Porsh, why don't we just have fun tonight! Clyde is an ass" Jade chuckled before she turned to the guy she has entangled in her arms.   
I sighed heavily and turned my phone off. Clyde's been calling me all night and I never picked a single call. He doesn't know where I am at and who I'm with.      
I quickly stood up. The room's still spinning but it doesn't stop my feet from dragging me to the dance floor.  
I let myself drown in the barage of dance music. Waving my arms to the beat, eyes closed, not a care in the world.  
Then I felt it. A gentle touch at the small of my back. Alright, I've been to bars and this is not new. I kept on swaying and I was slowly feeling the heat from the guy behind me.  
And the music got even louder with the new DJ. The crowd went wild but I kept on dancing with the mystery guy. Our every move was synchronized.     
Then I took a turn to finally see his face. That jaw, that perfectly carved jaw. Clean-cut hair. His eyebrows make his eyes look more deep set, and that tan.. that nose. His lips are close to red, and they're plump.  
He must have been from work, with that generic white button down shirt. It looks tight with muscles strained beneath the material. 
I felt his hand again. Skin to skin. I was wearing a black midriff top with a black skirt  
I bit my lip and continued dancing. His broad and powerful shoulders were more defined as he gripped me tightly. I swallowed hard. He definitely snapped me out of being tipsy.        
Of course it isn't my first time in a club but it definitely is, to be dancing with a mysterious, fine man. I've danced with popular showbiz personalities, business, sought-after bachelors.. name it. But never with this kind of air from a man.     
His hand went higher from the small of my back. I pretended to ignore it, but I can't with this sudden heat I'm feeling. And, my God, to remember that I'm with Clyde! But is Clyde still with me? I haven't figured that out yet.         
Our bodies are practically etched against each other with all the dancing we've had. I was panting.        
 "Porsh," he whispered.

Wait, he knows me? Who is this guy? 
 "Are you tired? You wanna go somewhere else?" his voice husky. 
His breath felt hot against my ear. I felt goosebumps. I have never felt so compelled to react this way just for a guy. Not even with Clyde! 
"Porsh" he said softly.
I had to bite my lower lip. He's tempting. Very, very tempting. But I'm not that kind of girl. I'm not the one-night stand type. And clearly, he is that kind of man. I know it. No guy this handsome just happens to be here to dance with anybody. Especially now that he wants to get away.
I haven't even fixed my gaze on him when he touched his soft lips on mine. His tender lips grazed the entirety of mine. I was in utter shock of what just happened.
He softly bit my lower lip, he sucked it like the finest dessert he wants to enjoy. I let go of my sanity, not a care on wherever it might end up. I can't resist kissing him. 
He smirked, as I was trying to catch my breath after that kiss.
He raised my face, holding my chin to meet my gaze. His eyes were full of blazing lust and dizzying heat. I can't stare at him for too long. I can't and I won't match his heat.
The moment was cut short when a rabied dancer hit me. Instead of standing still, I ended up on the other guy's chest. 
 "I'm sorry," trying to regain my stand.
He held both my arms, bodies exactly parallel with one another. I felt the heat coursing throughout him. I almost held my breath when I felt his inner thighs gorge. It was like I suddenly had a million volts inside me, waiting to erupt.
I looked up to him, shocked that he's that turned on.
You know those smoke effects they put on stage? That, and the smoke from all the lit cigarettes were killing me. My head felt heavier. Everything went dark; I was slowly falling into nothingness.

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