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teenage life could be sad and fun and hurtful


teenage life could be sad and fun and hurtful


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Carlos @carlos
Hi Lizzie, I am a big fan of stories that tell about the feelings of teenagers and all the pain they endure through the process of growing up and becoming an adult. I particularly think that, coming from a teenager, this has the potential to not only connect with those of your age but also to reach out across age barriers as well. I encourage you to develop your story and think about how it can be told in a structured way that can be appealing to others. Who is the main character? What is his or her world like? What sort of problems is she dealing with? What changes does he or she go through as the story develops, and what changes in the world around her? Also, try to think of the plot as whole to start with - a good way to think about doing this is by writing down brief notes on how the story begins and how it ends into note cards, and then filling other note cards with the "filling" of the story that will get you from that initial card to that end card. By the way, the rating I've given you was more due to your very brief description of the story rather than your story in itself. I do however how you can edit it later on and provide us with more details on how the story develops. I hope you keep writing! Best, Carlos