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The Mask I Made


The Mask I Made

I used to think that wearing a mask was the coolest idea;

you know, one with lace and frills and ribbons and sequins?

and it looks so beautiful when you hold it up at the masquerade,

and they all whisper and wonder "who is that beauty?"

high heels and a tattooed attitude, walking straight while tripping slightly

but I'll never let you see that the shoes were too big for me, but I had alot to fill

and I love that mask you see, and I wear it with my best dressed intentions

let me show you, with my fancy rings and my frivolities

and I wear my lies and best intentions on my face,

because that is the mask that I made.

© Danielle Willard, 2018. All rights reserved.


Danielle Willard


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Mimi @mimidey
Clever. Wonderful. :)