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The Reality Is... Chapter One


The Reality Is... Chapter One

Chapter 1

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For a longtime believing that bad things only happen to bad people saved me from the real world, but as I grew up I learned that my belief is crap. Hi I'm Phoebe and this is my story. No it's not one of those stories where I tell you where my life is great then bad then great again because that's not how it works. Unfortunately for those people that read those type of stories your life is a lie. Before I begin I'm going to tell you my story, THIS IS THE REAL WORLD and if it's not something you can handle time to pack your bags to the next story. Now we can begin.

My mom and dad met in high school. They were the power couple some would say. They loved each other so much that in my earlier age of life I had to have that perfect boyfriend in high school that would end up being my husband in the end. When my mom was 19 she had my brother he is now 18 and moved out. And she had me at 21. Now I'm 16 and both my parents are Old. Not really mom is only 35 and my dad is 38. Yes my dad graduated before my mom and yes they still ended up together. Both my parents were so young when they started having kids. SO my dad took on 2 jobs and my mom took on 1 and they payed for an apartment on 5th avenue. It was beautiful.My mom was my best friend and so was my dad.But it started to go down hill when my mom stopped being a mom and my dad stopped being a dad.

When I was little I would hold my mothers hand into the grocery story and hold it so tight because knowing that she was there was what mattered. After awhile my dad was not around much, always working.He always had to work late. We basically never saw him., Until one day we found out he was having an affair. Yeah all those nights working late was really "hey actually I'm screwing my assistant." I mean I'm not surprised. I think she knew he was doing it so she stopped functioning. Wouldn't get out of bed on most days.I knew my dad was cheating on my mom. He wasn't necessarily hiding it but my mom was in denial about it. My dad knew what he did was wrong but the guy is a prick he deserves anything less than what he got.

When my mom found out she was heartbroken but she stayed with him because my mom has no money. I know it sounds bad but the guy cheated on her. The least he can do is keep a roof over our head, put food on the table for us.Tomorrow would have been their 10 year anniversary. I think secretly my mom still loves my dad but she wouldn't admit that. Why would she? I think he secretly deep down feels bad for cheating on my mom but at the end of the day he doesn't care. Whatever gets him what he wants... Right? If he really felt bad he would've stopped his on going affair with "Krystal with a k" I know what an uptight name. This girl can't think to save her life. SO not only did he pass up my gorgeous smart mom for a dumb blonde. He chooses Krystal over anyone. Including his kids.

I guess you could say that was the beginning of the madness. I sometimes wonder why you would choose someone to spend the rest of your life with then end up cheating on them. And the current state we are in which we will get to later I'm sure my dad would do anything to take it back. But he can't and that sucks. I think whats worse for me is that he knew this would hurt my mom but he did it anyways. My dad was my best friend up until I saw my mom telling him that his assistant may I add that she's 20 would be the perfect wife. I knew from the beginning he was up to something. The guy can't keep a secret to save his life. Unfortunately that got him caught. I'm not going to tell you how she found up because to be honest I don't know how. but I do know that second I saw her face after . I knew she knew.

She stopped functioning and stopped being a mom. I couldn't blame her she had her heart ripped out and stomped on. In a way so did my dad. 2 years later and my mom still doesn't do much. Although my dad called off his fling with Krystal. She wanted to get serious and lets be honest Jennifer was never going to be more than a side chick. She still calls and she still tries. My dad knew he messed up and now his consequences are his psycho side chick and sad wife. And the three words that I'm about to say changed everything for all of us and it changed us all. Nothing would ever be the same. One check up and the three words we get back is...

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I really hope you enjoy this first chapter. I can't wait to continue so see you in the next chapter.


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