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The Story of Pini

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The Story of Pini

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It was a dark night. Clouds were fueling a storm that was going to happen in the coming hour. ¨Its too dark out here¨ Mini says with a shaky voice. ¨Everything will be perfectly fine" Piper replies as she wraps her arm around Mini for comfort. ¨When will we be getting home?¨ Mini says with a little more strength. ¨Soon honey, soon¨ Piper says. As they walk down the road Mini notices Piper keeps glancing at her. (Wink)

As they get into the house Mini runs into the living room and starts to watch her favorite television show. Piper slowly walks in and sits next to her. They both begin to watch the show and Piper moves closer to her and Mini notices. ¨Everything alright there Piper?¨ Mini has a crush on Piper for a long time now. She always thought her eyes glowed and her butt was so big. ¨I´m fine¨ Piper says quickly. Mini gets up and goes to get a cupcake, after she finds one buried deep in the fridge she sits back down next to her crush. ¨You know you eat cupcakes really well" Piper says as she bites down on her lip. ¨Are you calling me fat?¨ Mini reply's harshly, ¨I worked hard for these cupcakes, like bitch do you stream?¨ ¨No, no Mini! I would never. I just think you look sexy when you eat.¨ Mini blushes and raises an eyebrow. ¨What are you trying to say to me Piper¨ Piper coughs and says ¨Well, I can only put it in one way, ´DAMN GURL ARE YOU A CUPCAKE CUZ IMA BOUT TO EAT YOU UP´¨

Part two is coming soon.

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