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When my Last Day begins


When my Last Day begins

Chapter 1

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When you run out of time, what possibly could you do to save your best future with someone you couldn't bid goodbye because all you want to say is just a simple "Hello!". Time travels so fast as it can immerse you to nothingness. When you have still your clock, listen wisely to its tick-tock. Savor the moment and set free. This is where to start. Write your own stories. Write your own mysteries or better hear the story of Eva Linda.

The day is always as bright as the smile of Eva Linda. Such a doll name for any foreign land. Her petite body and tanned skin seems her a true beauty of the Southeast. Many of her friends used to call her Eve, a maidenly name or to others settle for Eva, with an exotic sounding.

No one could ever fathom what Eva could bring to the world. All what sees in her is just a simple, joyful lady with full of hopes and cheers around her, in her very own existing world. Not until when I bumped her on that lucid April.

I am in a hurry of my errands after school. As a part-time working student in a mid-class University, I never had the chance to get along with my classmates and other fellas in the campus. You see, as busy as a bee does work on me. I don't even meet Eva or Eve in the University. I couldn't imagine too if she belongs in there. What I see of her is just a shadow of an outcast of an elite society. Yes, needless to say. Her looks does prove that she is a woman of mediocrity. And so I share my mediocre bread to her. I saw tears. Tears that I believe are like pearls in the Orient seas. Tears that can weight tons of gold if only another person would take her or his time hearing her soft, and sunken voice of dismay.

Eva, such a beauty. Her name glistens to any man's ears. Her looks make any lustful men starve to death. She is a woman of full entertainment. And only she lately realized, that her days begin when it Ends. When Eva, at her peek of youthful glow and success, surprisingly received a badge from Health Center. She opened it with a quizzical look.. And she slowly tear it. her heart beats faster, racing like a tidal current. And when she hits the red mark, she fainted. HIV positive...

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