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Wishing for Nightmares


Wishing for Nightmares

by Default avatar Aimee Watson 1 min.

Everyone has dreams.

Some wish to be singers. Lawyers. Mothers. Dancers.

Some wish to be in Rio de Janeiro. Others want to live in London. Tokyo. Sydney.

Some wish to be with that gorgeous guy that works in the same office. Others want to be with the cute girl that takes the same train. Others want the guy they’ve secretly liked since the sixth grade. Or the celebrity completely out of their league.

We all have a wide range of dreams, with different people, locations and careers. But the one thing they all have in common is how badly we want them. Everyone hopes and wishes hard for them to come true.

And for ten remarkable individuals, it did.

Sort of.

See, the universe was sort of at a loose end. It had finished clearing up after the Big Bang, had finished overseeing the construction of the black holes, so it was now a bit bored.

So it decided to listen, to finally give in to the millions of voices that were always talking to it. It listened to the prayers and dreams of everyone. And then it picked ten dreams and made them come true.

But while granting the wishes, the Universe got a bit distracted. There were four supernovas alighting and it wasn’t fully focused. And so although it did make dreams come true… it didn’t do it for the right people.

Ten remarkable individuals. They live what others consider a beautiful, exciting, glamorous, perfect lifestyle.

And they hate it.

After all, some people’s dreams are another’s nightmare.

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Maliana @malianad.
This is such a good story/intro. Have you written the full thing yet? You could make it like part one part two part three etc etc
victorian @victorianbrewer
I like this and I don't know why.....I'm starting a story called ICE BODY..Its about dreams and wishes
Morgan @Morgan Stranger
I admire how deep it goes. I find it intriguing that how we often desire something that others have; how their lives seem perfect, but in truth they too are desiring something else. Thanks for keeping my bored mind afloat. Short stories like these never cease to fascinate me.
Holland @hollandrobinson
I'm commenting again, but you have the best ideas/plots for stories. I agree with Maliana, this could be a full novel with each chapter being a different individual. And maybe they intertwine in some way?