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  • Hello, Dad

    A man nervously awaits for the arrival of the father he was never close to

    #father and son #drama
    Carlos Frederico Rosenwald
  • Obsessing Farrah

    An awesome woman's positive view of life is put to check when Farrah Fawcett dies.

    #comedy #funny #michael jackson #farrah fawcett #the meaning of life
    Carlos Frederico Rosenwald
  • Marcus, the Assassin

    Marcus is a feared killer for hire. Except he'd like to tell you he's really not.

    #soon-to-be pretentious writers group #support group #group therapy #comedy #tattoo #assassin
    Carlos Frederico Rosenwald
  • The Quiet Patient

    Dorothy Weiss was a controversial psychologist who became famous for her 'cuddling therapy' approach. But when a mysterious man appears in her life, it's her that may end up needing treatment.

    #cuddling therapy #mystery
    Carlos Frederico Rosenwald
  • The Unwritten Curse

    Rupert is a curious teenager who comes across a story about a cursed book that had destroyed the lives of members of the Taylor Family. There's only one problem: His last name is also Taylor.

    #mystery/thriller #horror
    Carlos Frederico Rosenwald
  • When Pigs Fly

    Jonathan found himself forced by destiny to take care of his father's butcher shop. And then one day he started seeing pigs flying across the sky.

    #drama #comedy #pigsflying
    Carlos Frederico Rosenwald

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