Stories Shared (6)

  • On The Alien Amnesty and Meta-humans

    The ramifications of the President Marsdin's Alien Amnesty. (Supergirl)

    #speculativefiction #fan fiction
  • Letter 4 Chapters

    Just a set of letters

    #epistolary #random
  • Seven Years

    Do years truly matter?

    #fluff #romance
  • A Psychopomp and an Eco-terrorist

    A vassal of Death visits an interesting criminal

  • a lost assassin 2 Chapters

    Sui Feng of Bleach wakes up in the Marvel Universe, specifically, in the 1940's of New York, and gets entangled with a lovely English lady and a secret agency. She's so going to kill Urahara.

    #suifeng #fan fiction
  • The Last of Gods 2 Chapters

    This wasn't his home, despite the fact that his grandmother had come from this place. Why his grandfather even brought him here, he had no idea.

    #magicalrealism #fantasy