Welcome to Story Street Labs!

We are a growing online community dedicated to making creative stories easier to tell and more amazing to experience.

Whether you are a fanfiction writer, a short story enthusiast, or think you might have the next great fiction novel in you, creative writing can be a daunting task. You might experience writer’s block and a feeling of isolation. Common life distractions might disrupt your writing routine. Finding good, constructive feedback from people who get you and your story can be challenging. Or you might just feel frustrated with the lack of access to the right audience for your story.

Our mission is to help you get through this journey by welcoming you to a collaborative and supportive community where you can share your stories and meet others like you. Think of us as your online creative writing retreat, a constructive space where you are free to explore, brainstorm, experiment, develop, and promote whatever creative story idea you may ever come up with.

And how do we help you become the creative writer you know you can be? Our approach is based on three principles:

  • A unique, smarter way to telling stories: Our stories and story chapters are limited to 1,500 words at a time, making it easier for you to get your stories out quickly and more convenient for people to be able to read them anytime, anywhere in the electronic device of their choice.
  • Your pain is our pain: We aim to be a global storytelling community that feels like your local neighborhood’s writing group. Use private messages to establish new, meaningful connections. Let our writing prompts inspire you and help you make writing a habit. Select the type of feedback you’re interested in so others can comment on what matters most to you.
  • Creative stories shouldn’t look boring: We want to transform the way creative stories are experienced to make them more exciting, engaging and fun! Play around with different fonts and colorful text, make use of videos to aid the way your story is told and awe your audience with beautiful images to get them immersed into your story from the very start.
  • And we promise you we are just getting started! We invite you to be a part of our storytelling revolution and grant your stories a real opportunity to come alive.

    May your story begin!