What is Story Street Labs?

Story Street Labs is an online community where anyone can post and read creative stories in chunks of 1,500 words or less.

What is Story Street Labs’ mission?

We strongly believe that all of us are natural storytellers and that every story has the potential to positively impact people’s lives. But the truth is a story doesn’t really exist until it is told – and unfortunately way too many stories either never get to leave the minds of their creators or, if they do, are not given a good chance of reaching the right audience for them. Story Street Labs therefore exists to ensure that all creative stories have a good opportunity to be told to the right audience. Our mission is to connect the world through creative storytelling by offering a safe, innovative, stimulating and fun community that allows for all of our untold stories – including those we don’t know exist yet – to be finally brought to life.

Why are stories limited to 1,500 words?

Our word limit brings about several benefits to both storytellers and the audience. First, 1,500 words is roughly equal to three pages of text, which is enough to accommodate a short story or a significant chunk of a longer story. It also helps motivate potential storytellers by setting a clear, challenging–yet–manageable goal they can work with to help them establish a storytelling routine, to practice their storytelling skills, and to collect valuable feedback that will help make them the best storytellers possible. But most importantly, 1,500 words is also equal to roughly 5 minutes of reading time – and given today’s fast paced, mobile world, the audience wants to be able to consume content in smaller chunks than ever before. So, by ensuring that your stories are delivered in a format that can be more easily digested by people everywhere, we’re helping make sure that your stories have the best opportunity to find the right audience for them.

Can I write about anything?

Yes, of course – they are your stories! All we ask from you is that you only post actual creative stories and that you remain respectful of other community members in doing so.

Can I write fanfiction?

All creative stories are welcomed at Story Street Labs – including fanfiction.

Is there a limit to how many stories I can post?

There is not. The sky is the limit – and the more the merrier!

What does Story Street Labs use my personal information for?

Basically to better understand how much you like us as a group (or sub-groups) and to help us determine the areas we need to do better job in so that you’ll like us even more. We’d also like to point out that it’s our policy to not share any of your personal information with anyone outside of Story Street Labs for any purposes whatsoever, as is stated in our User Agreement. You mean everything to us, so we really don’t want to give you any reasons to not want to see us again.

What can Story Street Labs do with my stories?

Not much. They’re your stories and we don’t think we really have the right to do anything with them. The only thing we may do is to showcase your stories as a way to generate more traffic to the website and to your story. It’s as a win-win situation as we’ve ever seen!

How can I get in touch with Story Street Labs?

There are several ways you can do so – and in fact we’d love to hear from you! You can use our Feedback section to, well, provide us with feedback. You can email us at DMCA@storystreetlabs.com for any concerns in respect to potential copyright infringement. You can email us at help@storystreetlabs.com for any technical issues you may be facing. Or, for everything else, you can email us at storyscientists@storystreetlabs.com – and have we mentioned we love receiving fan emails?

How do I publish a story?

You can access our Write Page by clicking on the pen icon located at the top left corner of the website.

Once there, you’ll need to include a title for your story, a header image (you may pick one from our database or submit one of your own), the actual story text (with a maximum of 1,500 words) and may add an optional message for your future fans.

Once you’re done, click on Finish. You’ll be taken to a secondary step that will ask you for some additional information before you can publish your story: a brief story synopsis, the tags you might want your story to be searchable by, and the option to both upload a story cover and to select the type of feedback you’d like to hear from your audience. You will also indicate on this last page whether what you’re publishing is the first chapter of a longer story, whether you feel some of your story might not be suitable for everyone, and whether your story is completely original or may be based on someone else’s work.

Once you’re done, simply press the Publish button and that’s it: your story has been published!

How can I add a new chapter to an existing story?

The first thing you should have in mind when trying to add a new chapter to an existing story is to make sure that when you published the original story you had it correctly set up as the first chapter of a longer story. You should see a “Chapter 1” sub-header under the story title if you did so.

If you do not see the “Chapter 1” you can easily correct the story set up by clicking on the Edit button in the bar atop of your published story’s text and then selecting the Edit Story Settings option. Once the Story Settings page opens up, change the settings to the question “Is this the initial chapter of a story?” from “No” to “Yes.“

After that, you should see a “Chapter 1” appear under your story’s description, confirming it’s a series.

To add a new chapter to the story, simply go to the Write Page (as you did initially) and start typing in your story’s original title. The system will automatically suggest your story’s full title after you type in a few letters. Simply accept that suggestion by clicking on it and you’ll see the story’s full title appear inside the title box with a  “Chapter 2” appearing under it. And that’s it, you’re done!

How can I edit a published story?

You may edit a story previously published by you by clicking on the Edit button in the bar atop of your published story’s text and then selecting either the Edit Story option to edit the title or body of the story itself or the Edit Story Settings option to edit its short description, tags or any other option in the Story Settings page.

How can I delete a story?

We will be adding the option to delete a story in the near future, but in the meantime If you’d like one of your stories deleted or reverted to draft, just shoot us an email (help@storystreetlabs.com) and we’ll be more than happy to help you with that!

Why should I pin a story?

Pinning a story allows you to add a personalized story queue to your main page. You can use it to save the stories you’d like to read later.

Why should I like a story?

Liking a story allows you to have that story available to you at your Profile page so that you can easily access it whenever you want. It also may serve as your story recommendations to people visiting your Profile. But beyond that, it’s just a nice way of thanking and supporting the marvelous storytellers that are the life of our growing community.

Why should I follow someone?

Following someone allows us to notify you once that person publishes a new story or ads another chapter to an existing story. And may we also mention it’s a great way of encouraging our storytellers to keep sharing their stories with us?