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3 immature boys. (fanfiction) Chp 1

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3 immature boys. (fanfiction) Chp 1

by User avatar 1522982902 FadedLikeAngel 4 mins.

chp 1 meeting them

Sky's POV

"I knew it! Give meh" I say holding my hand out. "Fuck" Luke mumbles pulling out his 20-dollar bill from his pocket. "awe you mad?" I tell him snatching it from his hand. "pfft no"

I roll my eyes before pushing myself off him. "Why're you leaving" He wines. "I have to get going" I say picking up my black sweater from the floor. He sighs loudly looking up at the ceiling.

"You're such a baby" I say sitting back on his lap. He turns me around slowly before kissing me softly on the lips. " Mmm" I say pulling away. "I gotta go" I reach from behind him and grab my shoes. "Why can't you stay again tonight?" Luke says grabbing my hand. "Because my mom is having guest over" I say back slipping my white converse on. "your mom always has guest over"

"I promise I'll come over tomorrow night" "Where are my keys" I mumble under my breath. I sigh and look up. "Luke?" "Hmm" He says smiling. "Keys"

He rolls his eyes before pulling my keys from his pants. I snatch it from his hands and stuff it in my purse. "Alright see you tomorrow babe" with that I turned the door knob and left closing it behind me.


On my way to the car my phone rings. "Fuck" I say opening my purse. "I'm coming, shut up" I dig in my purse before finally grabbing my phone. I push the green button and bring the phone up to my ear.

"What's up mom."

Where are you, we are having guest over! My mom says in a worried tone

"I'm on my way mom I just had to go to the library to get some books." I lie making my way to my car.

Just hurry up! They will be here any minute.

"Okay okay I'll see you in a bit."

I push the end button and start the car. CASH ME OUTSIDE! CASH ME OUTSIDE! My radio roared. "Shut up" I say turning the radio off. I hate that bitch. Quickly I pull out Luke's parking lot before speeding down the street.

"I'm home!" I yell setting my keys down on the table. "your just in time" My mom says rushing towards me with a big plate of steak and pork chops. "What's all this?" I tell her. She grins before setting the plate of food on the table. "We are having guest."

"Yeah well who's the guest?" I say making my way to the kitchen. She sighs loudly "You will see when they get here"

"Is it a guy?" I ask raising my left eyebrow. She laughs nervously scratching the back of her neck. "Oh my god it is!" I yell tackling my mom to the floor.

"Get off me" She laughs. I push myself off her and stand up straight. " Who's the guy? Is he cute?"

"How about you just shut up and help me with the food." My mom tells me picking up the plate. I smile widely following her into the kitchen.


"Hurry up Sky!" My mom yells from the hall. "I'm coming relax!" I yell back tying my Black converse. I check myself in the mirror before grabbing my phone and taking a quick selfie. -snapchat- (picture of me doing a piece sign) Stay trippy my friends. I post the picture on my story and quickly stuff my phone in my purse.

"I'm coming" I yell rushing down the stairs hoping that I won't fall. Once I reached the living room I saw a man and 3 boys with their backs facing me. Before I can say hi my mom pops up behind me yelling. "Sorry I'm late!" The man and the three boys turn around smiling. "Holy shit" I say.

The one in the long brown curly hair smirks walking up to me. "I'm Harry" He tells me pulling his hands from his pocket and grabbing mine. I couldn't move. Why can't I fucking move! Shut up you look like an idiot. I clear my throat slapping his hand away remembering I have a boyfriend. He winks going back to the man.

Another boy walks up to me he has dirty blonde hair with dark brown eyes. "Shit" I mumble. They can't be the ones staying here. "I'm Justin" He says smiling. He seems sweet. "Hi Justin, I'm Sky." His smile grows wider as he walks away.

Finally, the last boy makes his way to me. He has brown messy hair. Brown eyes and looked harmless. "Hi Sky, I'm Dylan. "what a hot ass name. shut up Sky you have a boyfriend remember? "Uh. Hi" I tell him looking down.

"She's never shy I don't know why she acting like this? "My mom tells them. I roll my eyes and make my way to the man standing next to my mom. "Hi, you are?" My names Mr. Horan, but you can call me Niall." He tells me. He was also very attractive. Good job mom!

"Okay honey, we are going out so you be nice." My mom says grabbing her car keys that were sitting on the counter. I nod and watch her turn the door knob and leave closing the door after softly.

I turn around quickly and smile. "So this is what's going to happen." I tell them. They all sit on the couch ignoring me. "if you don't bother me I won't bother you" With that I rushed upstairs. Well that went smoothly.

I grabbed my rubber band that was laying on my bed and tied my hair into a high pony tail. "Homework time." I mumble pulling out my book bag. I unzip it and grab my Physics book. I lick my lips considering they were dry and grabbed a piece of paper. Before I can start writing, my door opened. "Really" I mumble. I walk up to the door and close it. I pull my chair out again and sit back down. "Now where was I" I say. Again, before I could start writing the door opened.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I yell. I rush out the door and see Harry Justin and Dylan laughing in the corner. So, immature. "Really?" I say with my hands on my hips. Harry continues laughing getting up. "What we're just having some fun" He says patting my shoulder. "Fuck off" I tell him slapping his hand.

" Ayeee, he likes you." Justin says giggling like a 4-year-old. "Don't make me go over there and slap you." I say causing him to stop smiling. "I love when a girl is feisty." He winks. Not so nice after all.

"guy's I'm only going to tell you once. I have homework! If I hear you, I'll slap you all. Understand? " I tell them in a serious tone. They all nod smirking.


I turn on my heel and walk back to my room.

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