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A Big Mistake


A Big Mistake

Sitting on the edge of the roof top my legs are dangling uncontrollably, I can see all classmates looking up at me with their hands shielding their eyes as the sun is blazing down on them. I feel a sense of happiness that I am the centre of attention, I can hear my name being screamed by multiple people and it feels satisfying. The wind is blowing through my Ginger hair and my hazel eyes are red and puffed up, a stream of foundation has removed itself from my cheek as my tears have completely washed it away, my mascara is no longer on my eyelashes but has began to roll down my face. It is then that I close my eyes and lean my head against the 3rd floor window ...

It was summer, I was headed to a party with a group of friends including my two best friends Violet and Jasmine. Violet had long brown hair which I was always jealous of, she always seemed to pull off any hairstyle she wanted and look flawless. Jasmine has incredible fashion sense but non of them could compare to my popularity, I gained mine through my past relationships, I was only popular with the male gender and was hated by nearly every girl in my school. The party was hosted at Travis Long's place, his parents had gone away and he decided to throw a huge house party, everybody was invited including the geeks and emotionally distraught people who I didn't dare to communicate with.

A few drinks later one of Travis's older friends approached me he was wearing casual clothing and didn't look amused by the party at all

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tazia @Bonnie
You should continue. You also need a little more detail. Explain what she did in the past to get to where she is in the present. What was her mistake?