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A Fairy Tail Fanfiction: Selene Artemis Coventina

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A Fairy Tail Fanfiction: Selene Artemis Coventina

Chapter 1


“Gray… Who is that?” She asks cautiously.arms.

“Gray… Who is that?” She asks cautiously.There was no other time, as far as I could tell, that we had to be more cautious. As we ventured through the basement of the Phantom’s Guild Hall, I couldn’t help but wonder why we had to do this job, above all others, why was this so important? The task was simple, find a document of some sort with a certain emblem on it. Shouldn’t be that hard right? Wrong, you’d be so very wrong for making that assumption as we did.

“This place is a maze! How’re we supposed to find ANYTHING in this?!” Natsu yelled as he so often did.

“Geez, would you calm DOWN? You are kinda defeating the purpose of us SNEAKING in, don’t you think?” I retorted.

“Both of you SHUT UP! You both are so very annoying when you have your fights. Must you have them EVERYDAY?” Erza glared at us with such anger-filled eyes, she could’ve turned Medusa to stone.

“GAH! He started it!” Natsu and I said in unison, whilst pointing at each other. Erza responded with another deadly stare. We both stopped our pointless bickering.

“ Gray and Natsu will continue to look, meanwhile Lucy, you and I will keep watch.” Erza commanded. Lucy nodded in cooperation.

“Ugh… fine, lets go “Buddy””. I say hesitantly. Needless to say, he looked JUST as hesitant, if not more. About 500 MILLION rooms later, we step into what must be the deepest part of the basement. As soon as we saw the piles of documents on the old fashioned desk, we immediately get to work. I look over to the other side of the room. There on the dresser was the piece of paper we needed. I crossed the room in 3 long strides. Apparently, I soon discovered, that I was not the only oneto notice this.

“GET YOUR HANDS OFF IT! I FOUND IT FIRST!” Natsu yelled once more.

“YOU saw it first? If I do remember correctly, I was the one who put my hand on it first.” I say with a smug grin.

“OH NO, I’m not letting YOU steal the credit for what I did again! Give it here!” He tugged on the paper.

“Again?! What do you mean AGAIN?! I take credit for what I’ve accomplished and ONLY what I have.” I shove him. Hard. He retaliates and I feel an intense heat as his hands light aflame. I chill my hands until they are covered in slowly spreading ice.“Do you WANT to fight?!” I yell and freeze his chest with one touch of my palm.

“Ha! Do I ever?! Lets go right now. Winner gets credit.” Natsu informs then punches me. I go sailing right into one of the walls. It cracks enough to open a little passageway.

“Woah…” Both of us say in amazement as we waste no time and jump right into the long, dark corridor. We walk for about 2 minutes until we come to a cell door. What is this doing here?

“ OH…. This is about to be GOOD. I can just TELL Gray.” Natsu remarks. I look at him and he nods in understanding. His hands become a blazing inferno and he presses his palms into the door, immediately melting the iron upon contact. This is where I come in. I lower the temperature in my hands, and shoot beams of ice to make the molten metal a safe enough temperature to walk across.

Suddenly Natsu stops in his tracks, and I , not expecting his sudden halt, crash into him.

“Hey! What’s the hold up? You could’ve at least warned me ahead of time.” I spit angrily.

“Gray… Look!” Natsu points at the very end of the tiny cell. What I see would’ve stopped ME in my tracks too. There lay a girl who looked the same age as us. She had long, flowing midnight black hair with streaks of silvery blue in just the right places. She was wearing some sort of weird attire, Greek perhaps? Maybe even Roman. I rush to her side and check for a heartbeat, breathing, movement, anything that would give us an indication she was alive.Meanwhile Natsu just stood there staring at her.

“Is she-”

“Barely.” I cut him off. “I can feel a heartbeat, granted it’s extremely faint, but it's still something.” I try to pick her up gently but something pulls her back with a clank. I look down to stare at the chains around her wrists connecting to the wall.

“Who would do such a thing?” Natsu asked no one in particular.

“I don’t know, but that’s what I want to find out.” My hands begin to grow cold, as they touch each cuff, it gets to such a frigid temperature, one simple tap shatters it. Now, with no restraints, I lift her ever so gently off the ground. We run the rest of the way to the others. Natsu breaks through the door first to be greeted with a furious Erza.

________________________________________________________________________________________________********************************************************************************************************************************************************* TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2!

© Katelyn Elizabeth, 2019. All rights reserved.

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Katelyn Elizabeth


Hey guys! This will be 1 part out of 2 or 3! hope you enjoy. I am a HUGE fan of Fairy Tail. I also noticed a lot of people had a thing for Gray so I made this for those people. Don't worry, I will make more with other characters too.I also wanted to try something a bit dif. creating my own char. :)


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Just started reading it's amazing! Love it!
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its totally amazing!!
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Love the book it's asome