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A Fanfiction of Simon & Meg : Midnight Howl


A Fanfiction of Simon & Meg : Midnight Howl

Chapter 1

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For over a year, Simon had slowly courted Meg, warily introducing her to little steps and experiences that would lead to the eventual process of mating. Ever since their first kiss, when she had almost been taken away by that dirty monkey, he had decided he would never let her out of his sight. Meg was a stubborn human, but precious to the Lakeside Courtyard and Simon wanted to prove her place in his pack by having her at his side.

Being a pack leader, Simon was used to taking charge and wielding aggression to get his way; but not with Meg. She was a puzzling creature that displayed the occasional wolf like behavior and had no problem telling him off. No, with Meg he had to tread carefully. Patiently. To win her trust he had to make sure he didn't scare her by going too fast and alarming her. That was all he needed; everyone in the Courtyard blaming him for scarring the sweet one. He felt an anxious whine mixed with a growl rumble through his throat.

“U-Uhm, Mr. Wolfgard…your hands…” Merri Lee stuttered.

Simon looked down to see his fingers had sprouted heavy patches of fur, the tips of his fingers elongated into sharp claws that had left thin scratches into the counter top. He focused, trying to regain control of his form, but his emotions were a mix of irritation and confusion…

“I can watch Howling Good Reads if you need some time outside.” Vlad offered as he appeared suddenly behind them. “Nathan is here too.”

Simon looked over at the large wolf lying by the front door who gave off a little ‘aroo’ of agreement.

<Go take a run. You have been frustrated this past week.> Vlad suggested.

Simon growled slightly; he didn't like taking orders, he gave them. As he took a look around at the few human faces that nervously looked away when their gazes met, he realized maybe a quick run would calm his anxiousness. Merri Lee looked ready to bolt like a startled bunny as her hands gripped the coffee she brought for him from A Little Bite tightly.

“One hour.” He growled through elongated canines.

It felt like he had barely reached the office and gotten his human clothes off before he had transformed into a wolf. He shook vigorously, enjoying the feel of his muscles stretching and his fur falling into place. While he still felt irritated, he at least had a small sense of calm in his natural form. He pushed open the cracked door with his nose and exited out the back into the open. His sharp senses picked up the sweet scent of the Spring's handiwork and the cawing of the Crowgard as they played with their puzzles and watched the monkeys outside the Courtyard.

So much had happened this past year with the world being on the brink of war. The humans had almost become extinct by angering Namid’s greatest and most powerful creatures who had emerged from their hiding with the bloodshed. It had been very tense with all eyes on them; their actions and Meg’s visions were everyone's one hope at peace and they had to set the example. To his relief, the other female prophets had started getting more comfortable in their homes and Meg was also making more accurate readings from her cards. Humans that had received approval had started to move back into town, and a few brave ones had ventured into the Courtyard to make purchases. Simon gave a huff as he trotted around, his paws hitting the pavement. It was slow work but they were making progress.

Simon spotted Meg returning from A Little Bite with lunch,and his ears perked up. He ran up beside her and Meg turned when she felt him brush against her leg.

“Hello, Simon.” Meg greeted. “Want to join me for lunch? I bought some extra meat as a snack for Sam when he comes by later.”

Meat? Simon licked his chops at the word, and wagged his tail. He liked the sound of that, and the thought of spending time with Meg. Although he wouldn't mind a little taste of Meg…Simon liked the way she tasted. Her jeans prevented any chance of a stolen lick though which caused him to give a little whine of disappointment. He would have to be patient until their movie tonight with Sam. The way Meg’s hands felt when she ran them through his fur, her butter covered fingers….

“Hurry up, Simon. You're letting the hot air in.” Meg said holding the door open.

He trotted in, feeling much happier than he did twenty minutes ago.


Simon was prepping the popcorn when he heard Meg knock; she still used the front door which he did not understand. Sam ran to it, and opened it for her, as Simon finished getting the movie snacks ready. He was already babbling to Meg about his day, as she patiently listened to the young pup. Simon walked over to place the bowl of popcorn and some water on the table and froze.

Great Thasia…

Meg was sitting on his couch, in a thin red sundress. Of all the temptations…

“Can we start the movie, Uncle Simon?” Sam asked excitedly.

Simon nodded, pulling his eyes from her and walked around the corner to change out of his clothes and shift. He jumped up on the couch and settled next to Meg as the movie began. Meg began eating the popcorn with one hand while she buried her other hand through his fur. It pleased Simon how much more comfortable Meg had gotten with his presence over time.

He moved his head from the couch to her leg, relishing her bare skin. He gave her knee a quick lick that startled a small squawk out of her. She looked so pretty and delicious but he reminded himself of the smack he got last time he was too eager…Simon told himself to relax and eventually began to doze slightly through the movie, with Meg’s gentle repeated stroke of his head.

When the movie was over, Sam went to bed and Simon shifted back to his human form so he could walk Meg to her apartment. A habit he had taken to not only to give him peace of mind for her safety, but to have a few stolen moments of privacy that they were allowed. He walked her in, closing the door behind them so nosy Crowgard or Owlgard couldn’t see them and gossip later.
He leaned down, gently pressing his lips against hers and with a gentle sigh, Meg wrapped her arms around him, showing her trust in him and letting him take the lead. Their kiss escalated from eager to hungry and he sucked on her bottom lip, nibbled gently on the edge of it and gave a little tug. Her mouth opened in anticipation, and he tilted his head and slid his tongue in slowly tangling it playfully with hers.

Simon had read up a little on human sex play and learned about the tongue kiss that was supposed to arouse a female.

Best money I ever spent. Simon thought as Meg gave a wanton moan of pleasure. He sucked on it for a moment longer then turned his attention to her soft neck. Her head fell back, and he moved downwards towards her collarbone. He felt a little wolfish as he nibbled on her flesh, just hard enough to elicit groans from her mouth. Simon feasted, one hand cradling her back to hold her close while his free hand roamed indecently. Meg made a squeak of surprise when he grabbed her bottom but did not push him away. Simon's mind began to relax, as instinct took over, his hand sliding down the back of her thigh. He felt the exposed, soft skin of her inner leg and slid upwards…

Stop. You're going too fast.

He froze and gently eased away from Meg. He could smell her arousal; she often smelled like this after their sex play and he longed to bury his nose into her scent and make more of it but he already almost lost himself to lust.

“I better go back.” He said gruffly. “See you tomorrow.”

He went to back up and leave her when he heard Meg’s soft voice.


Simon paused, confused. Why what? He heard her sniffle and alarm shot through him.

“Meg? Are you crying? What’s wrong?”

“Why d-don’t you want me?!” Meg yelled through a sob smacking his chest angrily.

Simon’s brain froze in confusion along with all the emotions raging through him. “I don’t understand.”

“Ruthie told me if you want to impress a man, you w-wear a dress. So I went out with Merri Lee and Ruthie a-and I bought this and you don’t even care…” Meg sobbed, wiping her eyes. “I don’t understand t-these dating rules!” She said angrily.

**~Continued in Part 2~**

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