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A Hand of Grace


A Hand of Grace

Chapter 1

A child walks out of a cabin in the middle of winter, at night. He is crying. He drops to his knees. In front of him stands a tree. Without knowing it, he was followed by his older brother, John, who interrupts his thoughts. “Phil…” His older Brother startles him. “It’s only me,” said John. There was a brief pause between the two and the John asks, “Why are you crying?” “It was a nightmare”, answers Phil, “Nothing more.” as he tries to stop crying.

"Another Nightmare? he seems to be having a lot of these lately. Maybe I should address it with him." Thought John... "Uh Phil..."


"I've noticed that you..." He stopped himself, almost as if he would have had this been his first attempt to ask a girl out on a date. "Oh no I couldn't say... well... ummm..." thought he.

"Well?" asked his brother.

"Well... um... " "just ask please?" "Oh k... I just... well maybe this isn't the best time to ask you. Oh k?"

"(sigh) Oh k."

Phil, no longer crying due to emotional distraction, returns to his room, somehow knowing full well he was almost asked.

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