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a lost assassin

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a lost assassin

Chapter 1

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The girl lands herself in the SSR, mostly because they had no idea who she was and what she was wearing, and that there's a short sword packed into that get-up. They say she didn't resist. She is fidgeting as she sits in the interrogation room. She was confused.

"You take care of this, Carter," the chief says dismissively, when he finds nothing on the girl. They don't discover anything, because she is bordering on panic, with a bit of irritation and fear, but restrained.

Of course, they are uncomfortable with interrogating the troubled female, and delegated it to the only female agent of the division. The woman was good. If she hadn't been watching, she would have missed the calculation in the woman's eyes. This 'Sui Feng' was obviously more than she appeared to be.

"Who really are you?" Peggy asks, irritation finally boiling over. None of the story she had fed them was true. Peggy is sure of this.

"Someone lost," Sui says firmly. That maybe the only thing that is true.

"And you are not here to cause any sort of trouble?" Peggy asks, point blank.

"No," Sui says, irked. "I want to go home, or at least wait for some one to get me." She gives a small growl that may have broken character. Then she sighs forlornly. "I don't even know how to get home. I may as well adapt here."

"You really haven't told us anything of help." The English woman counters.

Sui merely smiles in response. "And you're not here in an official capacity. Does this place record the conversations?"


Sui Feng ambushes Peggy on her way back to her apartment. She is good, Peggy thinks as soon as she recognized the smaller woman. "I apologize, Agent Carter," Sui says. "I find that you were the only one who even cared about my duplicity."

This gives Peggy a pause. "What do you want from me?"

"You wanted to know who I am and where I'm from," Sui says, ignoring the question, since she was going in that direction anyway. "As impossible as it were, I am from the future, a good seven decades or so." Sui looks at the woman for a beat, before continuing, "And I am of Chinese descent, but was living in Japan." That was the closest thing she could think of.

"That's quite a story," Peggy murmurs, looking for traces of deceit on her face. "Surely you do not expect me to build a time machine."

"And that's why I simpered in your interrogation room," Sui says with a grimace. She pinned the Englishwoman with her silver eyes. "The possibility that I may be held in custody for the sheer fact that I time-traveled is not an entertaining thought. And, as unflattering as it is to you, your superiors obviously overlook you and I, despite the fact that I broke character a few times. I just wondered if you would know anyone who can do it?" Sui smiles wryly. She is so going to kill Urahara. It was the stupid man's fault that she was in this predicament. He was making some sort of contraption when the explosion happened. It could only be his fault.

"You overestimate me," Peggy replies.

Sui shrugs. "I'm pretty sure that you're the sort who keeps information tucked deep in your head." The woman gives her a shallow bow. "Unless you know some where I can be employed, I'll be seeing you later, agent."


Sui meets her a few days later, when the Agent Carter's roommate was away. Of course, Peggy Carter is Peggy Carter, and she aims a gun on Sui. She doesn't recognize the Chinese woman, who was now wearing boy's clothing. "Couldn't you be quieter?" Peggy hisses, when she realizes who it is.

"You wouldn't have heard me coming," Sui replies with a shrug. "Howard Stark, how do you contact him?"

"Surely you've read the papers. He's in hot water. He's not gonna be helping you any time soon."

The woman mulls it over. "His sort are the ones that spends everywhere. Chances are he has a residence around here somewhere."

"Unfortunately, I am unaware of it."

Sui nods, unsure if the woman was telling the truth or not. Sui doesn't tell her that she maybe in another realm entirely. Sui gives Peggy her address. "If you need help," Sui smirks. The menial jobs weren't the least stimulating. She was going to rust if she doesn't exercise her skills. "Your line of work is much more interesting than mine."

Peggy presses her lips into a thin line as she reads the offered scrap of paper. Somehow, she trusts this wildcard.

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