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A Lost Hope


A Lost Hope

Chapter 1

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If I could recall everything that happened on the day my grandfather passed on I would be sitting hear writing a saga of events leading up to his death so all I have to say for myself is that in this exciting yet horrific world we live in, it's hard to remember anything that happens if it's not recording in a book. Thus, people like me who are willing to record such things, often have quiet lives that are driven by a need for more J.R.R Tolkien books while knowing good and well that he is long dead. So, if you are not a person like me you may find this long story more dark and grotesque then I do so...good luck.



It all started when me and my twin brother, Sotro went to a bakery with our grandfather. This may sound like a simplistic start to a daring and adventurous horror story but you and I both know that things can change your life in the bat of an eye. As usual my brother had chosen to get vanilla ice cream and I had gotten chocolate. My grandfather however had not ordered his usual desert, which was stroke me and my sibling as strange since he had told us that he had gotten the same desert at that bakery ever since he was a boy. This special desert was none other than a strawberry cupcake with icing and sprinkles on top. Anyways, after that visit to the bakery we went home, but that night my grandfather said he felt quite strange. As me and my brother sat in our room watching a movie, we couldn't help but hear his groans of pain. When, they stopped we calmed down a bit, but then our grandfather didn't come to tell us to go to bed when it was our bed time we went to go check on him. What we found when we got there is something I thought I would never have to describe to anyone but here we are, me writing this and you reading it despite my warning of it's content. so I'll describe what we found in three words. Disgusting. Blood soaked. Terrifying. So, I guess that makes 4 words. My brother screamed in horror and sprinted for the phone, while I just stood there. I was thinking of nothing but how this could have happened. I walked up to my grandfather's dead body and studied it very closely. For one thing, I saw that the blood was coming from his mouth and his eyes, which made him look like there were tears of blood streaming from his them. The other thing was that almost his whole stomach was a giant gash signaling that whatever happened to him had mainly happened there. Looking back on this experience, it really reminded me that I'm the braver twin. By this time Sotro had called 911, told them the address, and they were probably on their way now. Since, we didn't live near any police stations I wasn't at all worried that they'd be arriving anytime soon, so my brother was most likely hiding in the dryer and freaking out. So, I went to join him though I truly did want to take my investigations further and stick my hand in his stomach to see what I could recover, but decided that my brother's mental state was more important so I to the wash room. I opened the door and then opened up the dryer to find none other than the coward himself, Sotro. "Man, I thought you'd been killed." he tried to joke through his fear. "Oh you wish! You without me is like a kid with no sense of fun or adventure." I said crawling in. I wondered how we weren't screaming at the thought of our current situation but I didn't want to make him even more scared so I kept my usual persona. We sat in the dryer until the police arrived then, we peeked to see if it was them and then crawled out. I cant remember exactly what they said to us and asked us but I do remember the sight of them toting my grandfather's body away and how anxious I was and I had only one question. What happens next?

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Well, I hope you enjoyed this first chapter and I'll be sure to make more! So, try to keep up! <3


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