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A New Beginning (A Fnaf Story)

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A New Beginning (A Fnaf Story)

Chapter 1

by User avatar 1545961653 Daveigh 5 mins.

Two months ago, 3:20,

The police gathered in front of the burnt pizzeria that still stand after the fire. Inside the police van. A detective was asking questions to five preteens that saw the tragic horror scene.
"Tell me everything you saw" said the detective "My name is Mr. Schmidt and I'll ask all the questions and you tell the answers, okay?"
The five teens scared in front at him.
Jake is the oldest.
Ryan is fourteen.
Stacy is thirteen.
Jessie is also thirteen.
John was the youngest about eleven years old.
"Now tell me, why were you out in a restricted area in one in the morning?" said detective Schmidt.
The preteens looked at each other and looked at the detective.
"For our project sir" said Stacy, the first one to speak "We were trying to finish up our robot at school."
"I see, if that's the case" said the detective "What were you getting in the burned pizzeria?"
"Animatronic parts." said Stacy.
"I see, what kind of animatronics?"
"A green burnt rabbit" said John "A clown with a messed up face with a claw, a big metal bear head on wires, and a black bear with a huge ugly ass doll."
"What kind of doll?"
"A tall one" said Ryan "With a white half burned face and was very thin! our friend said he was called "Puppet" and he was once part of a restaurant that was closed down."
"Is this friend one of the two victims?" said the detective
"Yes." said Jake
"And did you saw who killed your friends?"
"It was a robotic wolf, sir" said Stacy
The detective frowned and opened the van door.
"I'll be right back." he said as he was closing the door.
Detective Schmidt walked pass all the patrol and police cars as he walked down to the chief of police and a deputy.
"Can you believe two kids just got murdered?" said the chief to the deputy
"Who will do such a thing?" said the young deputy
"I'll be the judge of that." said detective Schmidt walking between them.
"Mr. Schmidt, did you now know who caused this?" said the chief
"Not yet, but I think I could make a guess through this one."
"Who, is it William Afton?" said the deputy
"No, he has been dead for years, besides, his children are too dead."
"Then, who do you believe who done this?" said the chief
"But in my theory is someone is trying to follow the footsteps of William" said Mr. Schmidt "Reborn the murders and doing the same mistakes."
Mr. Schmidt turned around slowly with his hand behind his back and walked four steps away from the two.
"The purple clouds are coming back." whispered Mr. Schmidt.
"What did you say?" said the chief
Mr. Schmidt turned his head around to look at the chief.
"The one William should not have killed will return" said Mr. Schmidt "Every piece of memory will return and this is someones plan to make every one remember, it's...a new beginning."

Inside, the place was dark and destroyed and destroyed animatronics on the floor and other things decaying. In the center of the room were two kids bodies. One was a girl with a bloody stomach and mouth. The other was boy with bloody face with a over-sized skinny puppet on top of him.
The puppet had a smiling white face with small burnt marks on his face, two faded red cheeks, small red lips, and he has no teeth or eyes on him. He was very skinny, he had black and white strips on the half of his arms and legs and has no feet and only has three fingers.
The huge doll laid lifeless on top of the boy's body.
Suddenly, the puppets head started shaking and making weird noises breaking the silence.
It stopped.
It was silence once again.
The puppet's white eyes flashed and sat itself up.
"What?" he said in male robotic voice "What, this is not my voice?"
He looked down at the dead boy's face bleeding.
"Oh god!" said the puppet.
He looked at the boy's dead body to the girls dead body.
"Oh, Anna" said the living puppet "You should've saved your own life-but you didn't."
The puppet sat on top of the boy's dead body and put the dead girl in cradled in his arms.
The puppet made a frown and turned his light eyes off and made strange noises if he was crying.
"Don't cry." said a little girl voice from somewhere.
The puppet looked up and made a gasp and looked both ways.
"Who said that?" he said
"No silly, turn around." said the voice
The puppet turned around and saw a child.A little girl. standing by herself. She had a pale face with red cheeks, two purple lines to her mouth, and has white pupils on her black eyes.
"Who are you?" said the puppet "Are you aware that I'm alive?"
The girl didn't reply, she walked toward him and stopped three steps away from him.
"By the way," she said "My name is Charlotte Emily, call me Charlie and you are the new Puppet."
The Puppet looked at her with a surprised face.
Charlie took out a mirror and showed it in front of him. The Puppet looked at himself and started to scream.
"What, I can't be-him!" said Puppet
"Calm down dummy, just quiet and I'll tell you everything." said Charlie.
The Puppet calmed down himself.
"Okay, I'll tell what happened to you" said Charlie "You were a normal twelve year old boy going to this place to get spare parts for your robot at school but when you found Puppet inside Lefty, some how, some evil animatronic came and killed you and so was your friend that tried to save you, now you are in the Puppet, while your friend is trapped here looking for a body still, but my friend already took care of her."
"How would you know that?" said the Puppet
"I've seen it, I've been watching you since the very beginning when you were four years old long time ago when you first saw the Puppet moved and speak to you in a kind way saying how unique you were and could be the future.
The Puppet cringed in surprised.
"How would you know that too?" he said
"Because I was him, it was me." said Charlie
"You can't be him, your a girl and you would be my age then!"
"I assure you, I'm dead and I was not alone in the body, I shared it with my best friend Jason Afton."
The Puppet turned around and saw a boy. The boy same eyes and make up. He was looked a bit older then Charlie, he wore a black and white shirt and black shorts.
"She means me." said the boy walking toward Charlie.
"We are best friends" said Charlie "Ever since I died, he tried to save me, but it was a fail when he broke down."
"Since I was Puppet and I tried to save Charlie" said Jason "It made the Puppet seemed gender-less."
"But where is Anna's spirit?" said the Puppet
"She is safe, she is with us" said Jason "I turned her in to a golden ball inside a jar to not let her keep wandering around."
Jason took out a jar with a floating shiny ball inside.
The Puppet put Anna's dead body down and stand up and looked at the ball.
"Is she-." said Puppet.
"She is safe," said Jason "But we must find her a body in a few days before she is free."
The Puppet stared at the glowing ball bumping the glass inside. The Puppet's face turned angry.
"I want to kill who ever done this" he said "I'll do anything if it's the last thing do!"
Charlie and Jason looked at Puppet with giant smirks on their faces.
"We'll help you." said Jason
"We'll bring your life back and change the fates of the people you are going to save" said Charlie "We will teach you how to be the Puppet and be immortal!"

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