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A Picture With Daphne


A Picture With Daphne

Chapter 1

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Like any other days, Ellie would look at herself in the cracked misty mirror on the bathroom wall. There were slight mold spots at the edges but she could still see the girl in the mirror clearly.

Today is Saturday, the start of everyone's summer holiday and Ellie doesn't expect much from it except for the fun fact that she doesn't have to see people temporarily and stay in her house as much as she liked. But when Ellie woke up half an hour ago, she felt odd. It's the type of odd which she couldn't understand.

Even how much Ellie prod on the new found feeling, sitting in the tub with the water beginning to grow cold, she still can't put her finger on what is it and what is the cause. She stared blankly at the wall in front of her, with cracks and molds and whites that are turning yellow.

There was a knock on the door and a voice of a woman. "Yes?" Ellie says.

"Ellie, be quick." The voice behind the door said. "I have something to talk about."

Ellie sighs and sinks deeper into the tub before she gets up and dries herself. The woman was no other than her mother. After she got dressed, she went out.

The house is amazingly small that the moment she stepped out of the bathroom, she's in the living room. There are three rooms altogether, with the kitchen closely connected with the living room and the wall to her bedroom. The house is, sadly, littered with trash.

Pizza boxes and old Chinese food take out boxes conquered every single space that could be placed with food. Little tidbits of food crusts and tiny balls of tissues covered the floor. Various dried sauces and drinks on the carpet, it was such a dismay. If the front door was open, anyone who passed by would think the house is nothing but a junkyard.

Ellie's mother sat on a couch opposite to an ancient broken TV. Ellie had to move empty cans of sodas before she could sit next to her mother. The old thin woman who has long, disheveled brown hair (which Ellie possess) and blue eyes stared at Ellie's emerald green ones.

"Ellie," Her mother says, her chapped lips too pitiful to look at. "You will be staying at your grandparents for the holiday starting tomorrow."

"W-What?"Ellie stammered out.

"You are staying at your grandparents tomorrow." Her mother repeated.

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