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A rookie


A rookie

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[Your POV]

"Private Kelly to the ships, private Kelly to the ships." said a voice on the PA. I said my goodbyes and couldn't wait to go to my new base. "Do you know what team you're going to?" asked private Stevens. "Blue team of Blood Gultch I think." I replied.

(Blood Gultch//Blue base//0800)

[Your POV]

"Uh are you captain Church?" I asked the regulation blue one.
"No he's my best friend...he's other there." He said and pointed. "uh...thanks." I said walking to him. "um...Captain Church?" I asked. "Yeah? and actually it's Private Church." He replied. "Oh I'm Private Kelly the new recruit." I said. "Oh the rookie." said the Aqua one.
"Oh well...I'll show you the ropes and introduce you The Aqua one is Tucker and the regulation blue one is Caboose...He's kinda dumb." He said.
"So...Just go in the base and get settled." Church said.

I over heard him talking to Tucker. "are you gonna tell her you're a ghost?" He asked

"No I don't wanna freak out the rookie." Church replied
"why not messing with rookies is fun." laughed Tucker.

"Ghost!?" i said they heard.
"oh...crap." Said Tucker
"It's okay rookie I'll explained." Church said
He explained that caboose blew him up.


[Your POV]
I walked out the base to see a purple guy and a sniper shot. "Who's he?" I asked. "That's Doc." Said church
"Actually It's D-" He got cut off by a sniper bullet almost hitting him. "WHOA!" I screamed "Who's shooting at us!" I asked a bit confused.
"The reds!" Yelled Tucker.
"Wh-" I get shot and died.


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