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A Tale of Two Kingdoms


A Tale of Two Kingdoms

When Emil read his father's letters, he realized how unfortunate his parents were. Then again, they didn't have to keep it a secret, but perhaps they could've foreseen the war.

Anyhow, he figured they should end their war already. Since Lukas had invited him over, he wanted to return the favor. Emil was afraid of what his people would do. Either way, he had him stay at his kingdom for a while. Just to make sure nothing bad happened, he escorted Lukas in himself.

"It's nice to be here,' Lukas started. "To think I didn't know where my mother had been would've been the worst.", though

"Do be careful, though," Emil warned. "Most of the people here would attack you on instinct, and none have forgotten about the war."

"So you're telling me your people carry weapons around just in case?"

"Considerably, yes, but they'd use anything."

"Uh. . .good to know."

When they arrived at Emil's room, he continued to tell Lukas about the place and their mother. "She was quite fierce," Emil said. "It's probably why we're like this around here. You can say the whole kingdom looked up to her because of it."

"Is there any way we can convince them to end the war?"

"It'll take time. If they get to know you better, they might agree to a end to the war."

"Hopefully, that'll be sooner rather than later."

"Would you like to meet some of them so we can carry on with that? We can start with Feli. His brother holds grudges easier than most, so perhaps if you befriend him, it'll be easier in the long run."

"I don't see why not."

"His other friend will come here in about half an hour. He may visit his brother before he joins them, though."

At that moment, Leon popped his head in and ask to join them. "There's literally nothing to do around here. At least you're, like, talking in here."

The brothers welcomed him in and told him about their plans.

"I'd like to join, if you'd let me."

"Sure you can!" Emil responded. "It's just to get to know Lukas."

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This is the Nordics fanfiction I mentioned. I made a new Google account and wanted to use it here, because it's so much easier.


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