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A Tale of Two Kingdoms

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A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Chapter 1

Emil sat at his desk with a confused expression. The neighboring kingdom had sent him an invitation to a ball, but that same kingdom was at war with his. Emil had taken it to himself to read records and other papers involving their relations. He was reading some recording the times before their first war when he found some of his mother's personal letters. He wasn't sure if they had anything to do with his situation, but he was curious as to why she had been conversing with that kingdom's former monarch so closely.

Considering what he had found, he was more hopeful that the party wasn't a war tactic. Nonetheless, he had to be careful. Just in case. . ..

When he arrived in the ballroom, Lukas, the king of the neighboring kingdom, approached him. "This is about our parents," Lukas started. "I understand this is a odd way to tell you, but hopefully it'll help spread the news."

"Oh. . .,I saw some of their letters," Emil said.

"So you know we're brothers?"

"Wait—what? Are you being serious? Why would the war have happened if that's true?"

Slightly frustrated, Lukas takes out some papers. "These are some of the personal records."

Emil was assured when he saw when they were borne and by whom. Still, he looked at Lukas suspiciously. "Okay, you can tell them. Should we exchange their letters?"


Throughout the rest of the ball, the people of Lukas' kingdom looked at him strangely. The few who heard their conversation wondered about it. Some were slightly afraid of him.

After Lukas told everyone about the situation, though, it felt like the amount of people in the room doubled. Everyone seemed to question everything he had said. They were at war, after all. Then again, he had already invited Emil. It wasn't much of a stretch.

Around that time, Leon found him, and they started hanging out.

When Lukas finally finished with some of the suspectors, he went to the two of them. He was with Mathias, who immediately decided they were a couple. "Aw. . .you guys are so cute together!"

"I would say the same for the both of you!" Emil retorted angrily.

"Oh, sorry about that," Mathias apologized. "You just seemed so much like you are."

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This is the Nordics fanfiction I mentioned. I made a new Google account and wanted to use it here, because it's so much easier.


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