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Was it an accident all those times that I was putting you before anyone else? Was this just an accident and was this just something that we could of had avoided from the start? How come I always feel alone even when I'm with you, I don't feel like somebody is with me. I am alone with many people right next to me, I guess this is what one feels when they are broken inside and not even the people closest to them notice what it going on. Can it be that I am the one that is wrong? How can I be with somebody that can't see the true me, why do I have to hide half of myself and put up an act to make you think that you know me when the person you know is somebody I barely know? Is it pure accident that everytime I want to show my true form you just don't care, do you even want to know me at all?

I have waited for so long to show you who am I but everytime I show you part of myself you shut me down and make me go back to that fake identity I have created just for you. I guess you get scare knowing that I can be even stronger than you, that I really don't need you that I am with you because I want to but I can deal with life myself. What have I done that my true self can't come out when you are near me, I can't even smile with true happiness because I have no intention on showing any emotion around people. I really want to know how this walls got put up in so little time. How I changed at all and got myself to be a new person on the outside and myself in the inside. I guess my true self is dormant inside waiting to burst.

Does it mean that I accidently fell for you not knowing that you just wanted to control me? Are you afraid of the day that you lose control over me and I finally decide to free myself? Can this just be an accident and I was not intended to be by your side?

What if I accidentally let my true self awaken?

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is this even good?


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Beth @Beth
This is amazing
Black @Black Diamond

thank you!! always love to see people enjoying my work.