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Adam And Zelda

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Adam And Zelda

Chapter 1

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This is a kind of slow progressing story so please be patient with me. There is woman who is kind of shy and underestimates herself a lot.she isn't confident at all and is kind of a loner and therefore her life's a mess. Then there is this man who gets dumped by the love of his life for no reason at all and is going through the denial phase by heavily indulging in drugs and alcohol and therefore his life's a mess too. The woman is an aspiring author while the man is already a famous one. This story spans the timeline during which the man and woman meet and help each other build their wings to a better life.

P.s. Any recommendations, criticisms and thoughts are welcome with open arms


I woke up in a haze as usual having forgotten the last night. I pop another pill into my mouth to numb the pain in my head. Too much booze it seems was the problem last night . I stumble into the bathroom and suddenly a sharp pain flares up in my right ankle and I fall face flat onto the bathroom floor. Great a twisted ankle is just what I need on the day of the big interview. Raj is going to be pissed. I now also have a black eye due to my fall. Raj my agent is the best guy I know. I don't exactly listen to him but he was the one who pretty much helped me live in those dark moments.I get dressed and put on shades. No one needs to know about the unfortunate incident that just occurred two seconds ago.

I am late and my secretary is banging my door so hard that I am afraid it's gonna fall apart.She doesn't really do this,what's up with her? Then it hits me-today three years ago was the day I met "her". No wonder she's been acting so weird this whole week. I open the door and she flies in reciting the tasks for us to do today. I ask her to calm down and that I remember, it's okay and also that I am over it. She breathes a sigh of relief but her face still has that worried expression that tells me that she does not believe me. Maybe she is right. Maybe.

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Hey guys! Chapter 1 is here


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