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Katie (pov)

i am awakened by a loud scream, coming from the hall. i sigh and move my blue blanket to the side. i get out of bed, and open my bedroom door. what the hell is going on in here! i yell. they stop, and face me. he started it! Caroline yelled. i look at David and sighed. what did you do? he shrugged. i rolled my eyes, and smacked his arm. stop fighting! i yell. i walk back to my room, and slam the door. fucking children, Davids 17 and he still acts like a child. i understand Caroline, because she is 14 but David nah. i make my bed, and take a quick shower.. i walk over to my small closet, and grab a pair of black skinny jeans, and a red Sleeping with sirens shirt. i put my hair in a high pony tail, and walked downstairs.

Good morning? Ms. Ana says. i smile, and grab an apple from the fridge. Caroline and David were fighting again. i say causing her to laugh. i know, i heard everything. i sighed, and took a bite of my apple. Yum give me some! David yells grabbing my apple. really? he smirks and takes a bite. ass. i mumble. i walk back to the fridge, and grab another apple.

We are going to have some vistters today! Ana said. is it sleeping with sirens. i said raising a eyebrow. no.

then ill be upstairs! i yell. i lay on my bed, and plug in my headphones.

as you can tell, i love sleeping with sirens, there my favorite band. there the only thing i care about. i wonder who the visters are since there not them. i sighed, and stared up and my white ceiling. Katie! come down please. i here Ms Ana yell. i smiled, and turned up my volume. i continued to stare at the ceiling till the my bedroom door, busted open. KATIE! David yells running to me. what! i yell. Ms Ana wants you, we have guest. i sighed, and walked out the door. whatever it is i dont c....... i stopped talking once i saw a tall man probably in his 20. he had blue eyes, and blonde hair. he was gorgeous. i shook my head, and smiled. who's this. i say nervously. This is Niall Horan. he smiled and gave me a hug. why is he here. i said rudely. he is here to adopt you.

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