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adopted by one direction

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adopted by one direction

Chapter 1

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Molly’s (pov)

Come on Avery stop, im not in the mood. I said annoyed. Please! She yells.Ugh fine. I say. She smiles.Here is your dress. She says. I sigh and put it on. We both sat at a little princess table with little tea cups, and forks. May I have some tea please? I say. Yes you may. She says pouring tea into my little tea cup.Sorry to interrupt you guys, but we have visitors downstairs. Lola said. We both look at each other and smiled. I rushed downstairs, and sighed once I saw 5 boys probably about my age.Who are they? I say in a disgusting attitude.We are one Direction. A boy with Curly hair said. I rolled my eyes. Let me guess there here to entertain us. They all nodded. Bye. I say rushing upstairs.

Harry’s (pov)

We saw this girl coming downstairs in a little princess dress. It was kind of cute. But when she saw us she had disgusting look on her face like she hated us. How can someone hate us, were fucking famous.When we told her that we were one Direction. She said bye and rushed upstairs. Rude much.

Liam’s (pov)

That girl was rude, I didn’t think she was because she had her little cute princess dress on, and a cute smile. But when when she saw us she had a disqusting look on her face. when we told her that we where One direction, she said bye and rushed upstairs. It was kind of cute actually.

Louis (pov)

That girl was hot, to be honest, I liked how her attitude was when she saw us. But we didn’t even get to talk because when we told her that we were one direction, she said bye and rushed upstairs. She was rude but hot.

Niall (pov)

That girl was cute, but was really rude. Im guessing she doesn’t like us, how can she not like us. When we told her what we are, she said bye and rushed upstairs.

Zayn’s (pov)

That girl was fucking rude, she was cute but really rude. I wonder how she got in this place she looked about our age. But when we told her who we are, she rushed upstairs.

Molly’s (pov)

I rushed upstairs because I don’t like one direction, and I don’t need entertainment. I just want a home.I took off my dress and put back on my black skinny jeans and my red crop top that said FOOD! I slipped my black converse on and put my hair in a high pony tail, then I applied black mascara and pink lip gloss that my friend gave me.I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed. Why would she bring one direction to entertain us? I want to be adopted by someone, im tired of staying in this dump.I was brought out of my thoughts bye someone tapping on my shoulder.I turned around and saw Avery. Hey. I say.Ms. Ana said come downstairs, she has a surprise for you. She says. I sigh, and walk downstairs. What!I yell.Calm down love. Harry said walking in with the rest of his mates. Why the fuck are they still here. I say. Were here to adopt you. Niall says. No thanks I say about to walk upstairs, but MS Ana grabbed my arm please she says. I sighed. Fine whatever I say. Alright go pack your things. She says. No need for that, we are probably going to take her shopping anyway. Zayn says.Fine I’ll be waiting in the car. I say. Ok she says.I walk outside and see a big ass limo. Nice huh. Someone says behind me.I turn around and see Niall. Yea. Is all I say before getting into the car? He got in and smiled. Don’t you have to sigh some papers? I say.Harry’s doing that love.I rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone. That’s a sucky phone love. He says. I smile and hit his leg. He smiled and hit me back. Really. I say. Really. He says smirking at me. I rolled my eyes, and went on Facebook. Soon the rest of the boys came, and sat down. You ready love. Liam says.Yes and stop calling me love. I say.He smirks.The whole ride was silent, good because I didn’t want to talk to any of them anyway. After an hour we were finally here. I looked out the window, and some a big building. It was huge. Wow! I say looking at the building. Come on. Niall says grabbing my hand. I walk inside and look around. It was huge.

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