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Adventures of Anil and his girlfriend

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Adventures of Anil and his girlfriend

Chapter 1

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7/7/2018 :

Hello my dear friend, it's been a long time writing to you, when I found you can't reply to my letter,

I stopped writing.

But now am feeling lonely and terribly depressed with my life again and i know, I lost you but by writing to you i can feel better.

After I lost you, I don't have any interest for studies at all, that's why, I started to work as a bartender with a reasonable pay, I rented a room at the basement of the same bar, when I thought that all was fine, it's all got reversed and my life turn as a nightmare to me.

One fine and worst morning, a girl came to the bar with a alcohol bottle in her hand, she is so beautiful, and she wore shorts with a black top, and a headset at her neck, she is a rich girl by the looks and she addressed me and said “get me a royal stag” and i handled the bottle and at the same time a guy came and fell on her legs

“please forgive me, don't break up with me” he begged and the next moment i can't believe my eyes, she beat him with the alcohol bottle, with in seconds his face was covered in blood and I was so shocked I yelled out, after ten or so minutes ambulance came and took him to the hospital, with ambulance came a police jeep and i staggeringly said to police that she is the one who beat him up with a royal stag bottle.

Police taken her to the station in the jeep, as though she fought on the way to get out from their police grip but that isn't easy.

I was so shocked and got fever, and took leave next day,

Next day morning at 11 are so, somebody banging my room door,

and i weakly opened the door, in front of me standing a lady police, barely 25 or even less and she is as white as milk, she in her full police uniform and had a gun attached to her belt.

She came inside with out asking me anything, and then sat on my bed.

“yesterday, you're the one at the bar, when the boy is attacked ” she asked.

I nodded

“who attacked him”

“That girl yesterday your police took” i said with full fear

She looked straight in to my eyes and shake her head

“lie ” she said, getting up.

“no... I... didn't lie it's the truth ” i say bringing up my two hands to the air.

“ you will eventually agree, when our torture beings ”

she say and with in the next moments she buckled my hands and said “you're under house arrest ” and locked my room door from outside.

My basement room had a small window and a bathroom, and a small gas stove

(I learnt to cook rice on my own

as you are not there to cook for me).

The following night, I don't sleep from the fear.

To be continued...

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