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Annabeth Chase...the beginning


Annabeth Chase...the beginning

Chapter 1


As she watched the boy slowly come awake she was a blur of thought, "should I ask him? Does he even know about the solestice?" She had no clue what she should do. She decided to ask him. The boy groggily opened his eyes. "What was stolen?" She asked quickly before anyone could hear. "What?" The boy said. Annabeth wasn't sure what to think, this boy could be the one, no, he HAS to be the one. The one who could take her on an epic quest and she could be a real hero. The boy was a bit clueless to be honest, so she decided to ask him what his name was, that was probably more his speed. But by the time she opened her mouth, the boy was out cold again. She decided to go back to her cabin and talk to her brothers and sisters about the book she was currently reading.

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I am a ten year old so don't criticize too much, I'm not as good as others but I will get better.


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Is there going to be any romance in here? By the way, I got on this by clicking on a comment!