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As Lonely As I?


As Lonely As I?

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The moon rises into the night sky.

And I wonder, “Why does it always mystify?”

The grass under my paws,

Soft beneath my claws,

Were wet with night dew.

Most cats sleep now, but ThunderClan is one of the few.

Thoughts and thoughts swirl in my head

But my Clan must be fed.

A movement in the corner of my eye

As I crouch, I start to whisper,

‘Find yourself some seeds, just try,

But you won’t know how you will die.’

A delicious meal for me,

A sad ending for thee.

One swift movement, no squeaks, no scream,

Buried the mouse for later by the stream.

I make some friends, then lose them somehow

Is there anyone as lonely as I?

Life used to be a game.

Now nothing will ever be the same.

All my bonds, all gone like snow

Melting away, and it all has to go.

But now I think, after that snow melts, turns to water,

A beautiful flower will grow in the fresh water.

Our bonds could be like that.

A flower so beautiful, would make me the happiest of the tomcats.

That might be the future, but now I am lonely.

Is anyone as lonely as I?

I walk towards the cliff

Where I sit and take a sniff

It smells of the sleeping birds, dew-dropped grass, and the trees that could touch the sky.

I see stars up above me, "Is StarClan still watching?" I sigh.

The moon rises ever so slowly

And I wonder, “Is it as lonely as I?”

This is a fan-based short poem. I think this was how Fireheart felt when Cloudtail was taken away by Twolegs and Graystripe left him to go with his kits in RiverClan. Fireheart also is hurt by Bluestar by her confusion and sadness. This never really happened in the Warriors series. In any of them. I made this alI by myself. I hope you will read the Warriors sereis. It is an amazing series! Ans once you are done with the first series, there are several more! Prophecies! Cats! Battles! Dreams! All sorts of awesome adventure-action books. I tell you, read them! Give it a try, won't you?

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Yup, I'm a fan of the Warrior Cats series. Now, I'm almost done with the 1st book of the second series. (2/27/2019) Yay Warrior Cats!!!


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