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Aurora Briar Rose.

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Aurora Briar Rose.

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The life of Aurora in the woods was not very pleasing,

She had no friends nor Family, no one to take care of her, the ones in the story books were not real in her world.

Her world was a dark and Lonely place, no pleasing singing from her voice, no so-called-fairy-god-mothers, no animals, no light from the sun, no nothing but the ear-piercing screams and shouts from Crows in the Cold and dark place of the woods, Aurora had to Fend for herself,

she always thought that someday she would starve and die alone without finding her parents who had abandoned her in the cold place, she had shelter, water and little bit of food, but nothing to keep her warm, she had no light and her only source of heat is her own clothing.

" This Rotten place will banish before my eyes soon, i just have to wait..." she whispered to herself every once a day. She hated the Crows, she hated the Darkness, she hated the Cold, but she doesn't know that the three of it are embracing her with everything they could provide, someone is controlling all of these things, Aurora just doesn't know who, and so do you.

the ones in the story books are sometimes the same as the other, some aren't . some of these Fantasy Novels may teach you how to learn horrid things such as, Adultery , Blood and Gore or should i say, Murder, Suicide, and other more things, some of these things, you let them embrace you with kindness. Them only being the thing that could keep you company.

same as the story of "Matilda". she was a very lonely girl who had no friends, and had only gone to school when she was 7, her parents were dumb and too full of Pride, their sweet adopted Matilda only learned because of Books. her only friends for her were dolls, and her parents left, them moving to another country with Matilda's un-adopted Brother, they left Matilda with a smart and pretty teacher,

Aurora had read the story of Matilda, and yes she read books, but that doesn't mean she liked or loved the story, she hated the story and wanted the ending changed. "The story would had been better if Matilda had killed her parents with her powers. Or maybe killed that filthy and fat Principal." yes, Matilda had powers, Aurora thinks that books with the most beautiful endings are very "Filthy",

she had planned on leaving the endless woods, she hated everything and even herself, she wanted to end this world, or maybe even Rule it.

while she was going forward to north, finding the end of the "Endless Woods" she saw a tall figure far away, very blurry, she ran towards it, wanting to know who it is, her cloak was getting ripped and torn, bit by bit by tree branches, but she payed no attention to it, the figure was getting closer and closer, more less blurry.

because Aurora was not looking at her way, she bumped her head into something that felt like cloth, she stumbled backwards and rubbed her nose "arg, stupid trees." she thought she bumped into a tree, but when she looked up, she saw a young man with silver hair and blue eyes, shining so bright, he had ripped clothing, but his face was very handsome.

"oh, i am very sorry." the man said softly, his voice, sounding like an Angel's "no, i am supposed to be the one to say sorry, i did not look at where i was going." Aurora said with a Cold voice. "Did i get in your way? well, i will move then, my name is Noah, what's yours?" Noah asked Aurora, with a soft face that made Aurora Cringe in the inside,"My name is Aurora Briar Rose, now please. will you excuse me?" Aurora said looking Irritated, Noah moved out of the way.

Noah then walked away, his figure disappearing, Aurora then looked forward, but then no longer saw the blurry figure. this made Aurora so mad that she stomped the Ground. "wait..." she looked towards where Noah had left. 'North.' he had gone North. she walked towards North. "I've just met somebody just Like me after a long time!." she joyfully shouted.

yes. she had met other people long ago, but she cannot remember.

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