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Azure Soaring


Azure Soaring

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Don't cross the forest they said,

Its the edge of the world, you will die

But curiosity got the better of her, and water went inside.

It seemed so strange, so vividly beautiful

Water was lost until she saw a golden light.

A new sensation, heat passed through her body

Standing before her, was an individual, bathed in flames.

His body shone as that as the sun, soothing warmth surrounded her cool skin.

Looking at her with half closed eyes, 'what's your name?' asked he.

'Name?' water asked, for she hadn't known the word,

Came from her mysterious fire a symphony.

'you as beautiful as the sky, cool the warmth I bring, heal the burns, you're the Ying to my yang and azure to my soaring.

'Azure' breathed she, as this all has been a mystery

Raised her hand to touch his face. Pain flashed before her eyes.

She jerked her hand as he did with his face

Both winced at the sight of steam

His eyes full of hurt and regret, dawned on her

Fire and water are forbidden to love

'come' he beckoned her, deeper into the forest went she

Soaring took her to place of warmth, a place lit with light.

A marked difference from Azure's world, a world of beauty.

Darkness swallowed them, surrounded them with ashes

All was an illusion he said, future of my world I killed.

Soaring broke down and cried, Azure sat down beside

Killing a world was an offense, the punishment was death

Her love for him was an eternal flame, but deep in they knew

fire and water are forbidden to love

touched his arm ignored the pain crept in close

'please' whispered he, as their lips met and a flash of light blinding her,

Soaring was ashes on her lap.

cursing fate yet thanking it, to have been given a chance to love,

energy left Azure's body and cast upon the fire world.

she cried for her fire, dousing the flames of his world,

cool rain fell upon the surface, purifying the sins.

A new world was created, some called it life.

But the legend says, its none other than beautiful Azure Soaring.

© sayuri, 2019. All rights reserved.

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love comes when u least expect it....


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