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Babysitting One direction 2

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Babysitting One direction 2

Chapter 1

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Brianna POV

-Phone call-

Me: Hello

Stranger- hi is this Brianna

Me- uh yea why

Stranger- -laughs-

Me: what’s so funny?

Stranger- I thought your mom would tell you

Me: tell me what

Stranger- that you’re going to be babysitting one direction

Me- okay

Stranger- do you know them?

Me: of course I do im not restarted

Stranger- -laughs-

Me- okay thanks for telling me. When do I start?

Stranger- you start tonight

Me- um okay

Stranger- the.

-Hangs up-

Mom! I yell. You must have heard the good news. My mom says opening the door. I asked to babysit kids not men. There 20 mom. I say.

I did it for you because you like One Direction right. My mom says.

Mom that was years ago. I don’t like them anymore. I say. You’re still going. With that she leaves. Make sure you pack! My mom yells. Whatever I mumble.

I grab my suitcase and threw all my clothes in, then zipped it up. Ready. I mumble. I throw my suitcase at the door, and plugged my head phones in.

-5 hours later-

Get dressed! My mom yells. I sigh and walk to my bathroom.

After showering, I put on a pair of black skinny jeans, and a grey adias sweater. I slipped my white converse on, and made my way to the bathroom. After straightening my hair. I applied black mascara pink lip gloss, and sprayed pink perfume. (The brand is called pink)

Let’s go Brianna! My mom yells. I grab my iPhone 6s and walked out. Your suitcase is already in the car. My mom says. May. I say.

I get into the car, and plug my headphones in. This is going to be along ride.

-9 hours later-

Brianna! Brianna! I hear someone yell. Huh? I moan. Where here. My mom says. I sigh, and get out the car. There stood, 4 boys. Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall. They all smirked at me. I scoffed and grabbed my suitcase.

Here let me get that for you. Harry says. I got it. I say. A bit rude. I pick it up, and walk inside their big house.

I walk in and see a man. Hello you must be Brianna. He says. Yup. I say. He smiles. Your rooms upstairs to your left. He says. I thank him, and go.

My room had white walls, a big king sized bed with my favorite color. I had a flat screen TV, a walk in closet and a huge bathroom.

I sighed, and unzipped my suitcase. Do you like... I hear someone say behind me. I turn around and see a pair of green eyes. Meaning that’s Harry. Mum. I say. Why so bummed. Harry says. Because I have to babysit. 20 year olds. I say. He laughs. I like you. He says.

Well don’t. I say closing the drawer.

Oh I get. You’re not a fan... Harry says. You barely figured that out. I guess I did. He says walking up to me. I step back. You can’t hate us forever babe. He whispers in my ear.

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