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Behind the masks


Behind the masks

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Stanza 1

"Who are we?" I said
to my big sister in bed
"Are we hiding for a long time?
maybe we been hiding are faces

Stanza 2
The clock ticks as
each hour chimes
My sister looked at me
with such disappointment
"We have to hide them" she said
"We need to ourselves safe, it's for the best."

Stanza 3
She always says the same thing
She treats me as if I'm a bird
with a broken wing
in a cage
She takes me places wearing
a wolf mask
and I wear a fox mask
Every where we go
Every where we turn
we only have one task
go to these dark places
and wear a mask

Stanza 4
The house we live in
is boarded up
Each window in each floor
No curtains
Or glass
and so many locks
on the door
The environment we live in
is not safe
to the people in the streets
to the people working
to people in shops
to the people dining

Stanza 5
We wear masks for a reason
but not sure why?
We do this every day,
every month, and every season
We get money by taking metal parts
taking valuables, get a job,
or build robots
We use money to get food
but my sister has a job
and knows what to do
as she leaves me home alone
with our guard dog

Stanza 6
I'm to young
for the vile world
same for the kids hiding
every boy and girl
Every child like I am
need someone to guide us
need someone to guide through
dawn to dusk
My sister is the only one I have
And I'm the only one she has
No parents
No adults
Just the strangers and shadows
that never last
We are just lost children
behind the masks

© Daveigh, 2019. All rights reserved.

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This poem is about a young child (I call her Taffy) who lives in a place where the buildings are tall and boarded up with her teen sister (I call her Jazz) and she tells whats like where she comes from to the young people wearing masks to the shadows that watch them.


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Bhuvi @Ivory Blue
absolutely amazing!!
Daveigh @K.D.R.B.

Thank you :)