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Chapter 1

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It is 2022 people on Earth are getting more advanced technology . All the countries have become one due to the 1st galactic war . So here started the historical story of the 1st galactic war .

date- 5 June 2018 .

all the prime minister's are discussing about current alien disasters . Suddenly a alien ship land near to the meeting room .

what was that ?

did something happened ?

everybody went to the alien landing spot . Then one alien came out and with sigh language told them .

all people on earth are going to exterminate we come here from the star 10000 light years away from yours .

what are you talking about ? we now don't hold back to attack .

alien : you humans don't understand our technology and weapons are higher then yours our knowledge is 70 years more older then yours . You are not capable of stopping us . So just die .

the alien ship then leave the place .

what we do next ? this aliens are crazy . We don't have a chance against them . No we have one chance . what it is tell us .

The blacklisted scientists . Who are they ? what they can do ? if the hole countries can't do this . This scientists are rejected due to their absolute knowledge and technology in their opinion their technology is that much higher that it can bring disaster to all country their for they don't work as a scientist for now . Ok then contact them . It is not possible becouse we don't know where they are now ? and what they are doing ? . Immediately call the press if they can here us may be they showed up .

ok lets try it out we are dependend on them it is our last chance to save humanity .

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