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Blue Magic Flower


Blue Magic Flower

It was Hearte’s first time in the city. She expected a bright shining kingdom of lights and laughter, but instead, she saw a dark and smelly place filled with frowning people and scary, but little, monsters. “What a dreary place!” she cried out. She approached a man. “Excuse me, why is the city like this? I was told that this was a place of light and laughter.”

“The Caretaker of this city got sick, so she isn’t able to drive out the bad right now.”

“Where does the Caretaker live?”

“She lives in the huge golden house in the middle of the city.”

So Hearte went there. “Knock, knock” the door resonated. A young woman with straight and silky blue hair answered the door. “Who is it? I am sick right now, so make haste.” Her voice was like the sound of a beautiful orchestra to Hearte. The woman pointed at her pale face to prove that she was indeed sick.

“Hello. I’m Hearte. I’m here to take care of you so you can make the city full of happiness again.”

The woman frowned. “If you want to help, you can harvest the Blue Magic Flower. It only grows in the cursed forest far away from here. But do not travel too far, for it is dangerous.”

So Hearte went there. She walked around deeper into the forest to look for the Blue Magic Flower. She remembered the woman’s words that she should not go too far, but Hearte really wanted to help her, so she went on. Then suddenly, a bright light blinded her. In front of her appeared a beautiful woman with golden curls. “Help me, please!” the woman shouted. She was tied in ropes to a great tree. Hearte went and cut the ropes.

“Thank you, dear,” the woman said.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” Hearte asked.

“I am the Caretaker of the city. My name is Sunrise. My friend, Sunset, who was cursed by evil, tied me here. She wanted to rule the city and have it all to herself.”

“But she told me to get the Blue Magic Flower that grows here so she can cure the city!”

“She only wants to destroy it. It is the only thing that can cure her from the curse. It is with me. Can you help me cure her?”

Hearte agreed, and realized that Sunrise’s voice was like the birds that sang on the trees.

Both of them headed to the golden house in the middle of the city, and they entered without a sound. But then, Hearte accidentally hit a table, making it scream it wooden shock.

“You! What are you doing here?!” Sunset shouted with a shock.

“We are here to cure, my poor friend,” The Caretaker brought out the Gold Magic Flower and started to sing:

Little flower, please do grow

See the world you wish to know

Though it’s full of dark and screams

There’s still hope and faith and dreams.

“No!” Sunset cried out. She ran towards Sunrise, and pushed her down.

“You must continue the song, Hearte! Here’s the flower!” Sunrise cried out. She threw the Blue Magic Flower to Hearte, and she continued the song.

Little flower, please do grow

See the world you wish to know

It’s not as evil as it seems

There’s still hope and faith and dreams.

“Aah!” A beautiful blue light surrounded Sunset. She fell to the ground as her straight, silky blue hair turned into the colour of red.

“We saved her,” said Sunrise. She and Hearte helped Sunset up. When everything was clearer and settled, Sunset thanked Hearte. “Thank you for helping me and my friend. You also healed me from my curse.”

“Now,” the Sunrise said, “I can restore the city!”

And she did. Hearte then lived happily serving the Caretaker and living with the happy people of the city of lights and laughter.

© korean_icecream, 2019. All rights reserved.

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OMG I tried okay? It's my first time writing a children's story, and WOW. It is hard. It's difficult to try to tone down your adult sarcasm and 18+ mind boggles, so yeah. Goes to show that I don't like kids. Cheers to our dreams!


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Mimi @mimidey
A fine little story beautifully written :)
korean_icecream @mariaclaver

Aww, thank you! I appreciate it! :D