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can i survive?


can i survive?

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it started off just beeing 18 year old selena Lyn stone all alone with know family or any friends Except Her only friend Emma. . But it all changed when she met mikayla snowfall. Of course Selena Knew Mikayla (who didnt) but Mikayla Didnt know Selena. Mikayla Lyn Snowfall was the most popular senior in in Lipton High. Know one really know Selena because She tried to stay in the shadows. She would go from class to class trying not to be noticed. Of course Selena Lived on her own. Selena's mom, katie Stone had died in a mall shooting when Selena was 8 years old. Selena's dad, tom stone and her sister Maryanne died in a car accident last year. Now Selena was to face life alone and the only one to ask for advice and hold on to was Emma pillwater. Of course, Emma was a grate friend, but Selena didnt think she was enough to hold her up and keep her together in one peace. Oh, and of course Selena Did manage to have a boyfriend, Dylan, he helped a lot and kept Selena from breaking down. Chapter 1

Selena was perched on her bed. she sighed and looked up, "Emm, i love you and all but i wish i had more friends." Selena reached over to her nightstand and picked up her brush. she absent mindedly brushed her hair back. Emma who was sitting at Selena's desk doing her makeup replied, "I know how you feel Sel. if we had more friends we could, like have sleepovers and like be popular." Emma and Selena where quiet for awhile. Until there was a know on the door. "coming!" Slena called. Selena walked down stairs and opened the door, "Haven't you learned to ask who it is Before opening the door?" There on the door step was Selena's Hot basketball playing boyfriend. "Dylan!" she squealed. "What are you doing here? I thought you where in California." Dylan and his mom had moved to California 3 months ago. It had been hard for Selena to let go. " you know i am 19 now and I am now allow to live on my own. I have decided to Move back to Maryland and live here. After all Maryland is where my Girlfriendd lives." Selena blushed at the last part. "Omg, i cant believe this, i am so excited. "What is going on, i can hear your squeals of excitement from all the way upstairs..." "Dylan!" Emma ran out and hugged Dylan. "huh, funny you hugged me and my own girlfriend didn't." "oh, be quiet and Come here." selena stepped back so Dylan could come in. He grabbed her around the waist and Kissed her softly on the lips. "god i love you so much. i cant stand it." Selena whispered "i love you too. More then i could ever put in words." "awww!" Emma said in a high pitched voice. "Selena?" "yeah?" "i want you to Move in with me." "really?" "yes, you are my grilfriend." "i would love to move in with you." "good. Then start packing because i don't wana be alone to night." "haha, neither do i." "good, then start packing." he repeated "in the meantime i have a meeting to go to and i will pick you up. I dont mean pack a few bags Selena. You will be living with me so bring everything." "okay, see you later, love you. I understand. i will have everything packed by the time you pick me up to night. 7 o'clock?" Yupe, sure thing, see you then, love you too." he kissed her one more time and then left. "Yay lets go. i want to help you pack."


2 weeks later Selena smiled and Kissed Dylan on the lips. "see you to night." "see you." "love you." "love you too.' and with that Dylan picked up his keys and walked out. She watched him drive away. Then she finished Eating and went to her own car.

---- 5 hours later

School was over and selena headed home. It was raining really hard and selena could hardly see. She was driving down the back road to her house when she saw a car broken down on the side of the road. Selena stopped to see if the person needed help. When she stepped out in to the rain she realized who's car it was and decided not to bother. "Mikayla doesnt need my help. she probably called someone and they are rushing to her rescue." then selena saw Mikayla making signs for her to come over. She was still in the car. "are you okay?

" Know." mikayla was crying. "i hit a tree and i cant call anyone. my phone is dead. My hand hurts and i just want to go home." "can i help?}" she had never seen Mikayla cry. "Yesss, pleasse. can i borrow your phone?" "of course." selena reached in her car and picked up her phone. Mikayla dialed a toetruck company. "damn it." they can't come for another 4 hours. Selena i hate asking but can i have a ride to the nearest hotel? my house burned down this morning." "Omg, If you want you can stay with me?" "really" "Yup" the girls got in the car and drove off. "so, mikayla, why do you hate me?" Mikayla sighed "because i am jealous of you." "me? WHy?" "because, after you have nothing you still are strong, you have a boyfriend and i cant keep one and you are pretty." "wow" "i know, i regret beeing mean i like you i really do. Look i will make it up to you i promise." "then will you be my friend or pretend to be my friend?" "yes, but i wont pretend i will be a real friend and i will be emma's friend to.

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If you liked this let me know. If i get enough comments I will write a story that follows this one.


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Alyssa @alyssakennedy0ad4
Your story is great! Keep up with the story, don't leave me hanging :)
hailie @hailiestone

cool! thanks for the comment! i will keep writing!