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Chapter 1

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One night while a film projectionist was cleaning and rewinding film reels, in a hot basement of a movie theater. The cellulose from the celluloid in one film reel, overheated to malfunction under a halogen light that caused it to melt and splatter in the eyes of this film projectionist. Yet there was an intangible presence of a deity in the room with this projectionist and at the right time; it fell upon him, making for a divine intervention, so he wouldn't lose his sight as a result.

Thereafter, a chemical reaction happened that gave this projectionist a superhero ability to re-enter any movie scene that activates upon daydreaming for the purpose of interacting with a character to obtain wise guidance, nevertheless, advice that results in a Flix mentor-ship and parasocial relationship.

However, all eyes are on this projectionist as he has an audience reading his thoughts, as if, they were text messages - without there being a cellphone in his midst. This allows the audience to see into the projectionist's life, as it is being re-scripted in front of them for the good.

Although this projectionist doesn't find this out, until he discovers that the movie theater he is working for has secrets of its own. While this movie theater has been re-scripting the projectionist's life through every genre; to make a movie out of his life for the purpose of saving itself from foreclosure.

After being changed from the inside-out; the projectionist takes on the alter-ego - celluloid who makes divine intervention for people, turning their bad day into a good one via mobile device. Not to mention, Celluloid also tries to stop the number of suicides from going up each day that's caused by a malicious villain who comes across as an APP.

So before it's too late, celluloid must use movies to jump victims into a scene as a way of escape to change a bad environment that has been afflicted on them. Hence, the flixtexting story of a movie journeyer begins...

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