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Seeing opportunity to seek their fortune

In the far away land of Gum San

The "Golden Mountain" in America

Beckoning them to a brand new land.

Racial discrimination, repressive legislation

Drove the Chinese to their own sanctuary

Dai Fao they called the "Big City"

San Francisco, the end of their journey.

Twelve blocks crowded with houses

Businesses, gambling halls, an opium den

Narrow alleys snaking through

A blur of humanity from end to end.

Hidden from the gaze of mankind

Behind a tawdry red and white curtain

A room where you and I choose not to go

The mystery remains, of that I'm certain.

By daylight a deserted appearance

Slipping into decline and decay

By gaslight or moonlight, men visit

Seeing this place in a different way.

What the country had wanted for the past fifty years

Was completed in forty-five seconds

Like warring with a mad Genghis Kahn

A giant earthquake, the town was gone.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes

Today this Chinatown is viewed

As the densest part of the densest city

Its original dream securely renewed.

Enter the gloriously glided gates

Wander aimlessly through

Pocket-size side streets so dark and moody

Expect to be stunned and enchanted too!

© Joanne Kenzy, 2019. All rights reserved.


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