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Come, come

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Come, come

Chapter 1

by Default avatar Choi Injeong 2 mins.

I panted hard, but all the same clamped a hand over my mouth to try and stop the noises. My lungs immediately screamed for oxygen, so I let go and sucked in a big breath, then rose and started to run again, fast, fast. Crashing through the dense jungle. Running, running. Branches whipped into my face, but still I carried on going. Faster, faster. I could hear it behind me - my heart was rocketing with fear, my mind empty but with one thought, filled with raw terror - get away from it. Running, running. At one point my foot snagged a tree root and I flipped over, crashing to the ground. I winced as I felt my skin tear at the knee, as I felt something warm trickling down my leg, but I scrambled to my feet, my heart in my throat, and pushed myself harder, harder, running, faster, trying to get away. I could hear it, feel it behind me, not far, near me, coming, closer, closer. I swiped at a vine which was dangling near the ground, ready to catch my foot, and I swerved away from it, and carried on running, my breath coming in short bursts, tears blurring my vision, my legs aching and my head pounding

but still I carried on, running, running, faster, faster. It was getting hard to breathe now - I felt my chest burning, and I knew I needed to stop but I couldn't, I needed to get away, needed to run, fast, faster than ever before -

But then I saw it.

The end in sight.

Deep, far away, a glimmer of light sparkling in the distance, through the darkness of the dense jungle, gleaming there, far, further.

It is in sight.

I start to run faster, my energy fueled by my burning desire to live. Pumping my arms, ignoring the sharp stabs of pain as the branched slice at the bare arms, as the vines lash out at my face, for I am nearly there, nearly there, almost there, it is getting closer, closer, and I am

nearly there.

Fast, faster, running, running, my chest burning, my tears falling, my breaths coming in gasps, missing out and feeling that familiar panic as I heave for more oxygen, but it doesn't matter, I am nearly there, and then I will finally be free

Then I am falling, falling, into a cavern, darkness everywhere, falling, falling, the light above me fading, fading into black, and then my screams are echoing all around me, and then all of a sudden there is cold water in my mouth, in my ears, in my eyes, my lungs, and I can't breath, can't breathe,

Then I sit bolt upright in my bed, my scream slowly dying away in the night.

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robin @MusketeerAdventure
Very enjoyable. I could definitely feel the fear and anxiety; and in the end was glad that it was only a dream!!