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Chapter 1

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It seemed like a particularly beautiful day for a Tuesday. The grass looked lush, the sky a vast canvas of blues. A soft breeze ran through the trees playfully ruffling the leaves. It was such a nice day, Samantha and her friends just had to go and do something. Summer was ending in only a week and they didn't want to end on a boring note.

"You know, Brad says his mom would hook us up tonight, if we want." Katie suggested with a raised eyebrow. "And I want," She laughed, looking to Sam who sat in the passenger seat.

"Keep your eyes on the road, wild one" She rolled her blue eyes, "So I guess that means I'm designated driver?"

"Well I sure as hell am not," Elizabeth piped up from the back seat, "I was last time, and I'm totally ready to let loose!". She did a strange dance in her seat, her brown hair falling in her face.

"If that's your 'letting loose' dance then maybe you should drive tonight," Katie laughed watching her through the rear view mirror.

Sam wasn't listening, she was slightly dejected about having to stay sober. She was looking forward to having a bit of fun before she had to go back to school, but it was her turn so she wasn't going to fight it. A lump on the side of the road caught her eye, road kill. It was some sort of small animal, but that isn't really what bothered Sam. She realized that she hadn't seen any animals the past few days. None. With a day this beautiful, shouldn't the animals be out? Even her pet cat seemed to back acting strange at home, now that she thought about it. Luna was a pure white cat that always clung to Sams side, yet recently she'd stayed far away from everyone. Almost like she was scared, but why?

Suddenly the car jerked to a stop, flinging Sam against her seat belt. "What the-" the words died on her tongue when she looked out the window.

In the middle of the road was a lady. She looked as if she'd been lost in the woods for days. Her red hair was matted and her clothes covered in dirt. She was walking, or trying to at least, but it was more of a rocking shuffle that sent chills down Sam's back. Her back was towards the car, almost as if she hadn't notice them at all. The image thoroughly reminded her of the new horror movie that came out a month ago.

"What is she doing?" Katie asked in almost a whisper. Her eyes were wide and they darted between her friends and the stranger. "Is she on something?"

"I don't know," Elizabeth answered, hiding behind Sam's seat, "But I don't want to stay and find out,"

Just as the word came out of her mouth, the strange lady suddenly fell to her knees, clutching her stomach. Strangled, gurgling sounds could be heard from her as she lay in the middle of the road.

"Is she okay?" Sam stretched up to get a better look at the woman. "Should we help her?" She turned in her seat to better see her friends.

Katie and Elizabeth both looked at her as if she has suddenly grew three heads.

"Are you crazy?" They both whisper-yelled in unison. "She looks like something straight out of a movie! A bad movie!" Elizabeth flung her arms up to show just how serious she was.

"She looks like she needs help!" Sam countered, pointing out the window, "What if she's not on anything and she just go lost and hurt in the woods?"

Katie and Sam look at each other in silence. "We can't leave her," Sam says, unbuckling her seat belt. "I'll just see if she's alright,". Sam got out of the car and took a hesitant step towards the woman. As she got closer she realized that the smell of this stranger could pass as that road kill she'd seen earlier. It smelt like rancid death.

"Hello?" She asked, her blonde hair sweeping over her shoulder as she lent closer to the moaning woman, "Are you alright?"

The woman snapped her head towards Sam so fast, Sam took a step back. The woman's eyes were severely blood shot, so much so that there was no more white, it was all red. Dried blood was splattered from under her nose, mouth and ears, and her actual skin was covered in blisters and hives.

"Oh my God," Sam stumbled back, falling down in shock. The woman reached a hand out towards her, lips moving as if she was trying to say something but she was choking on blood. Her blackened fingernails curled around the tip of Sam's shoe. Sam screamed, kicking her foot out of the woman's grasp and bolting up and into the car.

"I told you not to go!" Elizabeth screamed as Katie lurched the car into reverse. "Tell Brad that we aren't coming, I just want to go home!" She says, nearly in tears.

"She looked like she was about to kill you!" Katie gasped out, practically hyperventilating.

"She was trying to tell me something." Sam whispered, her hear hammering into her ribs. "I think she was trying to warn me."

The car fell silent.

"Warn you of what?"

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