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Chapter 1

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"I dream in color, and I have visions of feelings and energies that I would love to feel."

-Uzo Aduba

(Chapters will be named after the color alphabet)

1| Absolute Zero



"Amanda!!!" My boss yells from a corner office of a high rise. I hurry in.

"Yes, Mr. Pierce."

"Corporate has faxed over a contract concerning the FDA announcements, go retrieve it."

"Yes, sir." I trod a packed office area of over five hundred workers handling phone calls, their voices carrying and bashing into one another. I kick paper balls out of my way, half tempted to tidy up the whole place. Quickly, I throw a few away as I continue on. Neat freak, I definitely am. Inside a faxing room, I check the side tray of a machine. The warm printer paper soothes my fingertips. So warm. I swoop up the paper, slyly rubbing my chilly cheek over it. Even though it was summer, this building was freezing. The air was on constantly. Like right now, it hissed out of vents on the ceiling. "So much for our health...for fuck sakes, we can get sick."

I work for a multi million dollar health business, Strive Treat. The company is known for dietary supplements, food, energy drinks, workout equipment, even for an up and coming kids workout show. The name will be mentioned on Ellen in three months. My eyes peek at the stack of papers in my hands, at the first sentence of one.


1. Salmon Blast Energy Drink, violates The Food and Drug Administration testing due to the recent salmon flu outbreak. (REDACTED)

My feet tap in two inch way I would fall at work. Hell no. "Okay, this is ridiculous, It's freezing, hey Amanda, try to dial the air down a bit, will you?" Jim, a fellow co worker and buddy of mine, put on a puppy face. Milking it. Knowing that the controller was behind our bosses chair...which he rarely left.

"Maybe we can try a dart this time..." I joke as I turn into the big man's office.

A tall, brown haired guy stood before the a tensed manner. His shoulders forward, his hands resting on the desk, heavily. I froze. "Yeah, I got to the gun in time...try to lock it up better this time, it's your fault. Fucking father of the year, huh? Do you give a shit about your daughter??!" The guy's voice went loud but stayed deep, almost like a bass singer.

"Get your ass out of here." Mr. Pierce stands over his desk. "Don't you ever...ever come to my office, my building, like this again as if you have the right, as if you deserve the role of a son or a brother. Your mother is rolling in her grave from pathetic excuse." Silence. I stand at the doorway awkwardly. I could feel fire...feel the loathing they had from one another. Static, that's what it felt like, my blood crinkled. "Thank you, Amanda." My boss waves me forward with a hand, mugging his son down in disgust. "Lex, don't make me call the police, leave."

My cheeks flush. Oh shit...what the hell...he's his son. Lex backs off of the desk with much force, going back a few feet with the motion, snickering. "You're the one that belongs in jail." He walks to the door, brushing past me, bumping my shoulder. In the small seconds I saw him, my eyes witnessed a very heated face, sharp, short, light brown and dark eyes. He smelt of weed and peppermint.

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