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Crazy Upstate Firefighter


Crazy Upstate Firefighter

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The retired fire fighter is an abuser who has gotten away with asualting her pysically and emotionally and when she left he contined to harrass her but due to a teenage son and poor income she had to move in with him, the more she went to the police the more they laughed and wished her luck, when she reached out to other agencys they would tell them she was nuts and direct her back to the same officals that were in on the stalking harassing. each time she reached out the harassment became worse one instance the cars lined up on her road and prevented her from getting in the drive way. They would drive up and down road screaching tires and screaming slurs recently a woman came into driveway right behind the woman screaming at her in a tan car carrying a small bag with a weapon officers laughed and told her it was too late to report and do anything about it. email accounts hacked and facebbok attached to a different account to erase the tracking at her job they used scipe and facebook to let public know where she was and what she was doing.

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