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Cupid's Loveline


Cupid's Loveline

Chapter 1

For as long as I remember, I've been working at this company the day it was established. I was there when only a few people knew about us. I was there when we thought we were going bankrupt. I was there when desks started to multiply. I was there when we hit our 100 (human) years of service. I was there when the incident happened. I was... just there.

Really, I've have been in this company for too long.

No, I wasn't one of the founders of the company, nor became CEO of it (my brother is though), I was just one of the elder superiors. The one who knows the ins and outs of doing this job. The one to talk to in concerns about this company. And believe me, being an elder isn't even a special job. You're doing the same job as the juniors, only you have more knowledge and access than them.

As time goes by, all these things get tiring. Sure, delivering gifts to humans and supernaturals are exciting, sure giving advice to confessors makes you happy, but really, when you're as old as me and you've been here for what, a hundred years? This job gets boring and it loses it's charm.

For me, that is.

Most of the elders still enjoy their job. and by most, I meant everyone except me.

At times, I wonder how or why did I begin to detest my job. I mean, I was born to this job- I can't argue because it will and always has been my job, even as a child. I thought that was my reason, since the only other reason would be having no freedom to love.

No freedom to love. How ironic as the one who creates love.

If I'm going to be honest with myself, I think that was my main problem. Having no freedom to love while you watch people fall in love in front of you. Having no freedom to love while people make up and kiss. Having no freedom to love as they embrace each other, staring lovingly.

I guess you could say that I'm jealous... and angry.

But, even so, my job is much more important than my ideas to find love. People these days mistake love for admiration or lust and this sometimes causes partners to break up or, to those married, get a divorce. And really, as much as I'd love to blame the Anti-Love, they themselves said that they only break apart a few couples nowadays.

So, like my brother says, "Put others needs first rather than yours because your an idiot to think you, a creator of love, can find without anyone stabbing your back".

I think he's just scared that like others, my "love" wouldn't be a real one that could possibly cause my death.

I'm thinking too much over a light topic. Now that my coffee is finished, I should probably get back to work.

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Thanks for reading! I hope you'll stick around and find out more about Amias and his weird life! note: This is the first draft, so everything I publish isn't edited well! I edit some spelling mistakes here and there, but not actually edit the whole thing! Apologies for grammar mistakes!


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