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Danganronpa One-shots

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Danganronpa One-shots

Chapter 1

Ok so yeah, like usual, imma do your usual chapter where I could get some requests and start writing. And I'm gonna be giving you some info on what I'm doing on here:

I will be doing lemons (If requested)
I will be doing X reader (If requested)
I will be doing just small one-shots (Requested or not)
And I will be doing yuri's and Yaoi's! (Requested or not)

I will update as much as I can and that a promise. Heck this might get 50 parts. XD you can pm me or just write in the comments. (Pm or comments doesn't matter either way.) Also, if it's a lemon, if you don't know what that is.... SKIP ITTTTTTTTT!!!

But now to the real point.

Hope y'all enjoy DanganRonpa One-Shots!

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